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Dachshund Parking Only Hey there, glad you could drop by and hope you enjoy the pictures and stuff. Wiener Dogs is one of the internet home of three miniature dachshunds that live in Alaska. They are Bessica, Taz and Willow. Bessica and Taz are the red shorthaired wieners that most people picture when they hear dachshund and Willow is a longhaired red dapple. They live in the wilds of Alaska where moose roam through the yard, the temp gets to -30F during the winter and the snow gets four feet deep. Every so often a bald eagle will fly over and we have to make sure the wieners are safe from attack from above. They share their property with a lab mix, a cocker spaniel, a rottweiler, a siamese cat, five kids and two adults.

Bessica was our first dachshund. She is four years old and was given to my oldest daughter, Nikki, when she was a puppy by the mother's owners. Bessica has been spayed and has epilepsy and is as cute as they get. She likes to lie in front of the fire and have her tummy stroked and is the star of Wiener Dogs WebRing.

Taz was the second and has the same father as Bessica. He is also four years old and was bought for my oldest son, Timmy, for $100 and looks like he has an extra four vertebra. Once someone in the family got a dachshund everyone wanted one. We've had him nutured and he got fat but did not lose his ferocity. He's a great watch dog that doesn't allow anything to go unnoticed. He has to sit on the couch so he can get a better view of his domain.

That leaves Willow, a beautiful lively little one year old. We got her over the internet from California for $400 for Nikki and my wife, Tami. Oh well, you've got to have owned dachshunds to know why. Tami and Nikki have been showing her at the AKC shows up here. She's such a happy little thing who never settles down and is also quite a watchdog.

I, myself, do not truly own any of the before mentioned dachshunds but I do my fair share of taking care of them. From buying their food to going for walks with them and making sure that Willow makes it to her dog shows. And of course the dog owners favorite task of yard clean-up. I hope to get a wire haired mini this year for myself. They are so comical looking with their mustaches.

Below you'll find links to the seperate pages for each of the wieners and a link to 'Wienies On Parade' from Soldotna, Alaska with even more pictures. This is also the home of Wiener Dogs WebRing. I started this webring for any dachshund and now have over one hundred members. All the dachies you could ever want from all around the world. More info on this fabulous circle of internet wiener dogs can also be found down towards the bottom of this page.

Well, I figure the pictures and stuff are probably close to done loading now so I'll shut up and let you peruse this site. Hope you enjoy and beware you may get dachshund dogitis which can only be cured by the love and companionship of a great little wiener dog. You have been warned.


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Three Wieners In Alaska
Bessica Taz Willow

What ya say?
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The Brave Little Toaster
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Bessica Bar

Little Bessica


Taz Bar

Timmy & Taz


Willow Bar

Willow & Nikki


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Gracie's Warm~n~Fuzzy Award

Gracie's Warm~N~Fuzzy Award

My First Award. - Thank You Gracie.

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Up here we have a parade in June for Progress Days and in this parade, which is quite large for a small town, there is 'Weenies on Parade'.

Weenies On Parade

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Wiener Dogs WebRing

For all of you out there with Dachshund sites I run a Dachshund webring called Wiener Dogs WebRing. I started it in October '97 and now have over one hundred members. We have all types of sites and information about dachshunds. Take a tour today.

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Wiener Dogs WebRing by www.webring.org

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Some wiener dog links so you can get your dachshund fix.

The Dachshund Network

Links to Dachshund WWW Pages

The Dachshund Rescue Web Page

Winston's Ultimate Dachshund Links

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