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T he Animation Artshop presents its updated gallery listings. A great deal has changed in the animation art market since my last major update to this virtual gallery. The Disney company has shuttered a great number of disney stores, theme parks are carrying less production art (if anything at all) and the most significant impact of all is the discontinuance of the Disney Art Classics program with distributing and carrrying original production artwork through its preferred gallery network. Original artwork is becoming increasingly harder to find and more limited with its availability.

During 2003, I plan to keep my gallery listings page updated with new and hard to find pieces. Presented in this March update is the beginning of my continual updated listings from my own collection or from the animation art contacts I have made over years. Keep checking this site for new items monthly. If you would like to be on my mailing list to receive notice of future updates, just send me a note. I will be happy to place your email on my list and you can trust that I will never sell your name to any other 3rd party. I hope you enjoy this months new listings! Enjoy!

March 2003

Here is this month listings. A collection of original production art that is truly hard to find. In this month's listing you will find cels, drawings and backgrounds all reasonably priced. All pieces come with a certificate of authenticity and a moneyback guarantee if you not satisfied. If you have any questions please email me!

Beauty & the Beast
Original production background of Beast's Castle, 12 field watercolor production background of the Beast's castle set to an evening sky with mountains, garoyles and more. Beautiful and colorful! Up for Auction!

Beauty & the Beast
Original production drawing of Beast, 12 field rough animation drawing depicting beast with a great smile from the original film. $325

Beauty & the Beast
Original production drawing of Beast, 16 field rough drawing in red, blue and black pencil of beast holding a present from the christmas DTV film. $275

101 Dalmations
Original production drawing of Cruella Deville, 16 field animation drawing in black pencil with red highlights at her evil best from 101 Dalmations 2, Patches London Adventure. $250

Books, Video, DVD, Music and Other References

    Lion King II - Simba's Pride Soundtrack , 1999
    Artists Various
    Subject: This collection of songs and africanized pop tunes is straight from the Disney's sequel to its ever successful the Lion King. Featuring a number of talented artists this soundtrack presents an upbeat, african flavor to the songs that supports Simba's Pride. If you are a fan of the first film, the second soundtrack will not disappoint you.

    Lion King II - Simba's Pride , 1999
    Running Time:75 minutes
    Subject: Here is Disney's sequel to the ever popular Lion King. Starring the voice talents of Mathew Broderick as Simba and introducing Susan Pleshette as the ever scheming Zera. DVD format offers collectors more options, also available in VHS. Just click on the one of the links below to order.

    The Lion King - Pride Rock on Broadway , 1998
    Authors:Julie Taymoor, Alexis Greene and Tim Rice
    Subject: Here is a wonderful book that tells how they transformed Disney most popular animated feature to the Broadway stage. You saw the animated film, you bought the video, you couldn't get tickets to the stage show--here's the coffee-table book. But wait: what keeps The Lion King: Pride Rock on Broadway from being just another commercial Disney tie-in is the iconoclastic voice of director/designer Julie Taymor. She uses the text of this book as a diary for her personal struggle to merge her off-off-Broadway avant-garde sensibility with Disney's unabashedly bigtime commercial one. Her chronicle lends context to the already lush and abundant illustrations, photographs, and sketches of Taymor and her collaborators at work.

Very Limited

    The Lion King , 1994
    Running Time:88 minutes
    Subject: Here is Disney's classic story about Simba growing up and regaining his rightful throne on pride rock.

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