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Do You Have Artwork You Want to Sell?

is always looking for quality artwork from Disney feature films or television productions. Are you an animator who once worked for Disney? Send me an e-mail, I am always interested in knowing what you might have. I will buy your disney production artwork if it meets my interest or needs. Please note that only Disney production artwork will be considered for purchase which includes but is not limited to the following types:

    Production Drawings (all types)

    Cel Setups


    Concept Art

To submit your artwork for consideration please send an e-mail or mail a letter that includes relevant information about the artwork, provenance (if known) and a picture. For regular US mail please send your requests to: P.O.Box 100114, Anchorage, Alaska, 99510. Do not send any artwork unless you receive authorization from .

In order for your artwork to be seriously considered you must be able to submit a picture via email in either a "GIF" or "JPG" format at a resolution and quality that portrays the image well or provide a high quality picture via us mail. Once I have had a chance to review your art piece I will reply with additional instructions if the piece meets the standards for resale or other collector interest.

I am presently looking for the following items:

    Contemporary Rough Production Drawings in sequence

    Little Mermaid Setups as sold at Sotheby's

    Aladdin setups as sold at Sotheby's

    Other Contemporary Disney setups as sold at Sotheby's in the 90's

    Key Master Setups from 1966's Peanuts Christmas Special

I will try to offer the highest price possible for any piece that is seriously being considered for purchase. If you have any question don't hesitate to e-mail!

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