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The Animation Artshop offering original Disney production artwork at reasonable prices. is proud to offer other collector's a listing of recommended books that any disney production art fan should have in their personal library. Part of the fun is researching and learning about the artistry that goes into making a disney animated film. Over the years that I have collected, I have discovered numerous books and other resources that have educated and expanded my interest in feature animation. This page presents my collective efforts to offer other collector's a single resource for finding books on this subject.

Through my partnership with, you will be able find some of these available for sale. Just check out the alphabetized selection below. Some of the books listed will require a little more effort in finding as they have gone out of print. But just send me an e-mail I might have a helpful suggestion on where you can get it. Watch this page for future releases, as new books become available you will be able to purchase them right from this listing. Enjoy!

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Paper Dreams: The Art And Artists Of Disney Storyboards , 1999
Author: John Canemaker
Subject: This is a wonderful coffee table book that shows the true art of storyboards from Disney feature animation. Highlighting the artists that created some of the most memorable moments in animation, this book present rarely seen artwork from Fantasia all the way through to Mulan.

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    The Art of Walt Disney , 1942
    Author: Robert D. Feild
    Subject: A serious study of Disney's filmmaking art, detailing all aspects of the process from story and layout to character development, animation and camera. This hardbound book is illustrated throughout in its 290 pages. Long out of print and very difficult to find.

    The Art of Walt Disney : From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms , 1995 Revised
    Authors: Christopher Finch
    Subject: The Art of Walt Disney is an enduring classic-a book that has sold nearly 600,000 copies in two lavish hardcover editions. Now, for the first time, Abrams is proud to announce an affordable condensed paperback version of this remarkable book. Drawing on unfettered access to Disney artists and archives, Christopher Finch chronicles every facet of Disney art-animation, live-action, and theme parks-from Mickey's 1928 debut in Steamboat Willie to the forthcoming Fantasia 2000.

Walt Disney and Europe: Influences on the Animated Feature Films of Walt Disney , October 1999
Author: Robin Allan
Subject: Walt Disney and Europe is a fascinating study of the way Europe and European culture influenced Walt Disney and his artists in the making of the Disney animated feature films from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Jungle Book. Unlike many other books on Disney it is not based on secondary sources, and makes no attempt to cover the whole range of the Disney phenomenon, but concentrates on the classic animated feature films that were produced under Walt Disney's personal supervision. This is also available in hardbound.

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    Winnie the Pooh: A Celebration of the Silly Old Bear , 1995 Revised
    Authors: Christopher Finch
    Subject: I have yet to review this book but it looks to be a real favorite for Winnie the Pooh fans. Christopher Finch talks about everyone's favorite bear in this detailed book done in the tradition of the previous Disney "Art of" style. Illustrated throughout with concept art, cel setups, storyboards, drawings and more. This books takes you from the beginnings of A.A. Milnes creation to Disney's modern day style. This looks like a must for any Winnie the Pooh fan! 176 pages.

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