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The Animation Artshop offering original Disney production artwork at reasonable prices. is proud to offer other collector's a listing of recommended books that any disney production art fan should have in their personal library. Part of the fun is researching and learning about the artistry that goes into making a disney animated film. Over the years that I have collected, I have discovered numerous books and other resources that have educated and expanded my interest in feature animation. This page presents my collective efforts to offer other collector's a single resource for finding books on this subject.

Through my partnership with, you will be able find some of these available for sale. Just check out the alphabetized selection below. Some of the books listed will require a little more effort in finding as they have gone out of print. But just send me an e-mail I might have a helpful suggestion on where you can get it. Watch this page for future releases, as new books become available you will be able to purchase them right from this listing. Enjoy!

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Paper Dreams: The Art And Artists Of Disney Storyboards , 1999
Authors: John Canemaker
Subject: This is a wonderful coffee table book that shows the true art of storyboards from Disney feature animation. Highlighting the artists that created some of the most memorable moments in animation, this book present rarely seen artwork from Fantasia all the way through to Mulan.

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    Since the World Began - Walt Disney World the First 25 Years , 1996
    Authors: Jeff Kurtti
    Subject: In celebration of Walt Disney World's twenty-fifth anniversary, a lavish history of Walt Disney's dreams offers the original concept drawings, photographs of the park's construction, environmental awareness programs, and the state-of-the-art technology that helps create the magical environment. Original.

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    Sleeping Beauty - Sketchbook Series , 1997
    Editted: Applewood Books
    Subject: This cloth sided hardbound book displays animation drawings that were created during the production of the film. Throughout its pages, special pages showcase the film through the wonderful color key paintings by the well know stylist for the film, Eyvind Earle. This book is limited to an edition of 2,500 and comes numbered and signe by Eyvind Earle and the late Marc Davis. The unique feature of this books is its beautiful presentation of the art, there is no text. A book every Sleeping Beauty fan should have (which in my opinion is the finest animated feature artisitically ever created!).

    Blanche Neige , 2001
    Author: Pierre Lambert
    Subject: Pierre Lambert has written and produced a magnificently illustrated, thoroughly researched fine-art book to honor the first Walt Disney animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In the tradition of Pinocchio and Mickey Mouse, Lambert's previous art books, the focus of Snow White represents a subtle yet distinct shift from his previous books on Disney animation. It is primarily an art book - a showcase for story sketches, inspirational paintings, rough and finished animation drawings, cels and background paintings drawn from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library and private collections around the world, including many never-before-published images. In addition to hundreds of full-color photos, this deluxe hardcover book with slipcase features varnished illustrations and a beautiful sericel of Snow White at the well from Steve Ison's Collection. 248 pages.

    Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs , 1978
    Author: Bob Thomas
    Subject: Spectacular storybook of Walt Disney's first animated feature, illustrated through with story art plus four bound-in serigraph cels. Published in a limited edition of 9,500, it is bounnd in white leather with gold stamping on the cover and gilt edge pages. It normally comes in a sturdy gold stamped slip-case. 224 pages. Hard to find!

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - An Art in Its Making , 1994
    Author: Linda Witkowski and Martin Krause
    Subject: This hardback book describing the making of this animated classics features the collection of Stephen Ison who possesses the largest art of Snow White artwork outside the Disney Archives.

    Sotheby's Guide to Animation Art , 1998
    Authors: Christopher Finch and Linda Rosenkrantz
    Subject: Animation art has become one of the most popular fields of collectibles, embracing both vintage and contemporary images. The appeal of animation art is universal, as it captures scenes and characters from popular cartoons as well as animated feature films. With the success of such recent films as Disney's The Lion King, interest in animation art has grown exponentially. These enduring images of popular culture offer the collector the rare opportunity to participate in a collecting field still in its infancy. Sotheby's offers help in keeping up with animation art, one of the most popular fields in collectibles today. 94 photos, 20 in color.

Sotheby's Disney Auction Catalogs

Art of Roger Rabbit
June 28, 1989

Art of the Little Mermaid Auction
December 15, 1990

Art of Beauty & the Beast Auction
October 17, 1992

Art of Aladdin
October 9, 1993

The Lion King
February 11, 1995

Art of Pocahontas
February 24, 1996

Hunchback of Notre Dame
James & Giant Peach
June 21, 1997

Art of Hercules
June 20, 1998

Art of Mulan
March 6, 1999

Art of Tarzan
June 29, 2000

Art of
Fantasia 2000
June 29, 2000

    The Tarzan Chronicles , 1999
    Author: Howard Green
    Subject: This large hardbound book showcases the efforts and artwork that was utilized to create Disney version of the story by American author, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Illustrated with all types of production art, this book reveals the process artist took to create another Disney animated classic. Foreward by Phil Collins.

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    Tarzan - A Special Collector's Edition , 1999
    Author: Russell Schroeder and Victoria Saxon
    Subject: This hardbound collector's edition offers the Tarzan story illustrated with scenes from the film and a second section that showcases the art from the film. This book offers a more abbreviated version and a different persepective from the Tarzan Chronicles regarding the making of this successful film. 72 pages.

    Tomart's Value Guide to Disney Animation Art , 1998
    Authors: Tom Tumbusch
    Subject: I have not reviewed this book, but it is published by the same folks who produce the "Disneyana" magazine on all things collectible Disney. In this book they present a value guide to animation art collector's compiling information from over 40 auctions.

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    Treasure Planet: A Voyage of Discovery , October 2002
    Author: Jeff Kurtii, Jody Revenson
    Subject: This book provides a view into Disney's Animation Feature release Treasure Planet. Filled with artwork that describes the process of the modern version of Robert Louis Stevenson book Treasure Island, this book will interest animation art collectors of all types. There is particular attention paid to the new background painting process and the intergration of CGI with the hand-drawn process of animation with Glen Keane's version of Silver. A fun read with lots of art for the eye. 118 Pages.

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    Treasury of Disney Animation Art , 1982
    Author: John Canemaker
    Subject: Well known animation art author John Canemaker presents in this large size coffee table book, a collection of artwork that includes production drawings, background paintings, cel art and more. This book reproduces the artwork presented in such a large format you almost feel as though you are holding it! This is a book any animation art collector would love to own. 319 pages.

    The Ultimate Disney Trivia Book 3 , 1997
    Authors: Kevin Neary and Dave Smith
    Subject: The third entry into the magic kingdom of trivia promises to delight and astound the millions of Disney watchers across the globe. Kevin Neary and Disney Archives founder Dave Smith take readers behind the scenes of the Magic Kingdom to provide a fun-filled and exhilarating voyage that encompasses the global scope of Disney's worlds, from Anaheim to Paris to Tokyo.

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    The Disney Villain , 1993
    Authors: Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
    Subject: Since launching its Hyperion book division two years ago, the Disney Company has been practicing synergism by mining its archives for material suitable for compiling into lavish gift books. The latest such project is an oversize volume spotlighting memorable villains from more than six decades of the studio's animated films. The rogues' roll call begins well before the wicked queen in Snow White (1937), reaching all the way back to Mickey Mouse's early nemesis Peg Leg Pete, who actually antedated Mickey, and extending through The Three Little Pigs' Big Bad Wolf down to The Little Mermaid's Ursula and Aladdin's Jafar. All are depicted in hundreds of illustrations that include plenty of full-color frame enlargements and animators' sketches. Veteran animators Johnston and Thomas, there at the creation of most of the studio's masterworks, describe the characters' development and provide fascinating insights into the making of the films and the changes in Disney's approach over the years. The resulting volume is sure to appeal to audiences' fascination with villainy--especially when it's presented as frighteningly as Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent or as humorously as 101 Dalmatians' Cruella de Vil. --Gordon Flagg 232 pages.

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