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The Animation Artshop offering original Disney production artwork at reasonable prices. is proud to offer other collector's a listing of recommended books that any disney production art fan should have in their personal library. Part of the fun is researching and learning about the artistry that goes into making a disney animated film. Over the years that I have collected, I have discovered numerous books and other resources that have educated and expanded my interest in feature animation. This page presents my collective efforts to offer other collector's a single resource for finding books on this subject.

Through my partnership with, you will be able find some of these available for sale. Just check out the alphabetized selection below. Some of the books listed will require a little more effort in finding as they have gone out of print. But just send me an e-mail I might have a helpful suggestion on where you can get it. Watch this page for future releases, as new books become available you will be able to purchase them right from this listing. Enjoy!

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Paper Dreams: The Art And Artists Of Disney Storyboards , 1999
Authors: John Canemaker
Subject: This is a wonderful coffee table book that shows the true art of storyboards from Disney feature animation. Highlighting the artists that created some of the most memorable moments in animation, this book present rarely seen artwork from Fantasia all the way through to Mulan.

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    Disney's Magic Eye , 1994
    Editors: N.E. Thing Enterprises
    Subject: Utilizing the technology to create three dimensional images from pictures, this hardbound books presents famous Disney images for your eyes to see. A pretty interesting book, if you can get your mind to see them! 32 pages.

    Mickey Mouse , 1998
    Author: Pierre Lambert
    Subject: This wonderful hardbound coffee table book references the art of Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie all the way to Runaway Brain. Printed in the same tradition as his previous book, Pinocchio Pierre Lambert display wonderful art pieces from personal collectors around the world and the Disney archives. Includes foreward written by Roy Disney, 240 pages. This book should be in every animation art collector's library!

    Mickey Mouse - My Life in Pictures , 1997.
    Author: Russell Schroeder
    Subject: The long-awaited, fully illustrated memoirs of international icon Mickey Mouse ranges from the production of his first short film to his monumental roles in cinematic history, merchandising, and politics. A first-person narrative yMickey Mouse takes a decade-by-decade look at Disney's most famous creation, born in 1928 and still going strong. The glib text is subordinate to the many photos, comic strips, and film stills that fill the 64 pages.

    The Art of Monsters, Inc. , November 2001
    Author: John Lasseter
    Subject:With the sophisticated graphics of Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Toy Story 2 to their credit, Pixar has become the studio to watch for brilliant animation. Their next movie, Monsters, Inc., (releasing on November 2nd) stars John Goodman and Billy Crystal as two working-class monsters whose job it is to scare children. Graphically innovative and wildly imaginative, this book takes a sneak peek behind the scenes at the early developmental stages of this sure-to-be box office hit. Representing the pinnacle of concept art today, The Art of Monsters, Inc. is the only forthcoming title for the adult fan, and it will capture the attention of artists, film-goers, and special effects enthusiasts everywhere. 144 pages.

    The Art of Mulan , 1998
    Author: Jeff Kurtti
    Subject: With Mulan, its latest animated feature, Disney deviates ever so cautiously from its rigid formula for other recent animated releases. Based on a Chinese legend of a girl who disguises herself as a soldier to take her father's place in the army, Mulan plays down the love interest prominent in newer Disney animated features and plays up the heroine's brains, courage, and skill. The coffee-table commemoration of the film, however, adheres to its predecessors' format. It details the movie's history and production and presents more than 350 beautifully produced illustrations that include early conceptual drawings and character designs, background paintings (many evocative of classic Chinese watercolors), and production stills. The text discusses the animators' visit to China to research the story's setting and the film's overall visual design, which stresses elements and simplifications that are common to both traditional Chinese art and effective animation. Any library possessing a shelf of the handsome volumes chronicling Disney's animation renaissance of the past decade shouldn't hesitate to add this one to it. -Gordon Flagg

    Disney's Mulan Postcard Book , June 1998
    Editted: Disney
    Subject: Here are 64 postcards featuring animation artwork or scenes from this latest Disney release based upon the famous Chinese legend of Mulan.

    Disney's Mulan , June 1998
    Editted: Katheleen Zoehfield, Judi Clarke and Brent Ford
    Subject: Based on a Chinese folktale, a young girl dresses up like a boy and goes off to battle in order to keep her elderly father safe at home. Along the way she meets a cast of unforgettable characters who teach her all about acceptance and self-respect. This full color edition is the childrens' storybook published by the Disney Press and was the book from which artwork was sold at auction by Sotheby's in March of 1999.

    Disney's Mulan - Special Collector's Edition , June 1998.
    Author: Russell Schroeder
    Subject: Disney's Mulan is nicely illustrated with animation art from the film in this version by Russell Schroeder. The real bonus is the extra chapter on teh making of this classic animated film complete with storyboard sequences, drawings and other backgrounds not previously published in Jeff Kurtti's book. It makes a nice addition to any collectors library on this film.

    The Music of Disney
    Authors: David Fisher
    Subject: This paperback was originally sold with the three volume set of CD or tapes as a special set highlighting the music of Disney. This booklet highlights the magical moments of music from Disney's earliest beginnings to it latest contemporary works.

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    Nightmare Before Christmas - The Film, the Art, the Vision , 1993
    Author: Frank Thompson
    Subject: This softbound book showcases the pioneering work of Tim Burton with stop motion animation during the creation this cult classic film. It is very nicely written and organized from the inspirational poem to the colorful photography depicting the actual filming process. Foreward written by Tim Burton, 192 pages. (This is one of my favorite films! A great book...but then I am not biased!)

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Walt Disney's Nine Old Men October 2001
Author: John Canemaker
Subject:I have yet to review this book but it looks to be a great read for animation movie fans on the interworkings of these great men that propelled Disney animation into what it is today. 308 pages.

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    Of Mice and Magic , 1980 (reprint)
    Author: Leonard Matlin
    Subject: Well known movie critic, Leonard Matlin provides an indepth study of the animated film from its earliest beginnings to the renaissance of Disney in the 1990's. A wonderful feature of this book is the well organized filmography that provides a year by year filmography of all animated films. This is one book you need just for reference if anything else!

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