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The Animation Artshop offering original Disney production artwork at reasonable prices. is proud to offer other collector's a listing of recommended books that any disney production art fan should have in their personal library. Part of the fun is researching and learning about the artistry that goes into making a disney animated film. Over the years that I have collected, I have discovered numerous books and other resources that have educated and expanded my interest in feature animation. This page presents my collective efforts to offer other collector's a single resource for finding books on this subject.

Through my partnership with, you will be able find some of these available for sale. Just check out the alphabetized selection below. Some of the books listed will require a little more effort in finding as they have gone out of print. But just send me an e-mail I might have a helpful suggestion on where you can get it. Watch this page for future releases, as new books become available you will be able to purchase them right from this listing. Enjoy!

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Check Out the Newest Books!

Brother Bear:A Transformation Tale Oct 2003
Author: T.K.
Subject:I have yet to review this book but it looks to be a great read for disney animation movie fans on the developement for the story of Brother Bear. This book offers the reader a glimpse into the world of developing the film with a great selection of production art. Hardcover, 128 pages.

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    Aladdin - The Making of an Animated Film , 1992, paperback.
    Author: John Culhane
    Subject: From story development to casting problems, from the breathtaking new computerized effects to that moement of magic when a character comes to together and comes to life, this wonderful book provides a fascinating look at the animation process from the inside in the course of making an extraordinary feature film. This book has been out of print for a couple of years and is difficult to find, email now for a copy. Limited supply! 124 pages.

    No tax and shipping/insurance extra.

    Animation Art: The Early Years 1911-1953 , 1995
    Authors: Jeff Lotman and Jonathon Smith
    Subject: Animation art is among the most popular contemporary art forms. It captivates the imagination and awakens the child in us. With nearly 6800 pieces of animation art illustrated in this exciting book, most in color, Jeff Lotman covers the early period of animation, from the founding of the Winsor McKay Studio in 1911 to 1954 (a future volume will continue to the present). The art illustrated was offered at auction, which means that it is in the marketplace, an important fact for collectors. In addition to the 6800 illustrated pieces, there is a listing of sales for several thousand additional pieces for which illustrations were unavailable. The book contains prices paid for the pieces at auction, making it a wonderful tool for assigning value.

    Animation Art: The Later Years 1954-1993 , 1996
    Authors: Jeff Lotman and Jonathon Smith
    Subject: This new volume takes the reader from Disney's 1954 feature Lady and the Tramp up to the antics of The Simpsons. The book is illustrated with over 6500 photographs, most in color, of cels and other animation art that have been offered at auction, along with the prices they brought. In addition, thousands of other animation art auction offerings are listed, making this a comprehensive source for the collector. Accompanying the wealth of illustrated art, the text provides historical sketches of the studios and other primary information about the artists. This is a necessary volume for all all who are interested in this wonderful art form.

    Animation Art at Auction: Since 1994 , 1998
    Authors: Jeff Lotman
    Subject: The latest book for fans and collectors of animation art delivers up-to-date and fascinating information about what to buy, where to buy it, and what the cost might be. Jeff Lotman has done it again! With over 1500+ photographs and more than 5,000 concise textual entries, almost every studio that produced animation art for shorts, features, or commercials has work included. And all these pieces have been sold at auction since 1994.

    Disney's Animation Kit , 1999
    Authors: Don Hahn
    Subject: Walt Disney wants your child! The workbook enclosed in this do-it-yourself animation kit gives such a thorough guide to the world and work of animation that children who go through it at all diligently will want to stuff a knapsack full of pencils and light out for the Southern California studios. Half a dozen colored pens are included, as are two flip books, a real piece of Disney film, and a cardboard zoetrope--a device for allowing you to view your own animation sequences. But the workbook (by Don Hahn, producer of both The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast) is the star attraction: sandwiched between the historical introduction and a glossary of terms is a full-blown but kid-friendly seminar on how to think about, plan, and create visual stories. (Ages 8 and older) --Richard Farr

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    Disney Animation Magic , 1996
    Author: Don Hahn
    Subject: Highlighting Disney's animated classics, Hahn describes why the story is the bottom line of the filmmaking process and the significance of each creative element used to form the finished film. Captivating facts--how computers assisted animators in The Lion King, why a Beauty and the Beast animator asked to get in a cage with a gorilla--add color and detail to this comprehensive, full-color book. 96 pages.

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    The Art and Flair of Mary Blair , October 2003
    Author: John canemaker
    This is a new title that is due out later this year that features renowned artist Mary Blair. For fans of the films from the late 40's and 50's, this book will highlight the work of an artist who garnered Walt Disney's personal attention and influenced the style of animation. Mary Blair is best known for her work on Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderella and the design of the 1964 World's Fair attraction, It's a Small World. If you like her artistic stlye, you will love this new book which will feature a narrative on her life and her work as well as showcase some of her best art.

    The Art of Animation , 1958
    Foreward: Walt Disney
    Subject: This 26 page booklet was available to guests of Disneyland in the late 1950's to showcase the animation process as presented in Sleeping Beauty's Castle and to highlight Disney's latest release Sleeping Beauty. This informative booklet with foreward written by Walt Disney discusses the making of the animated feature as only Disney can create.

    The Art of Animation , 1958
    Authors: Bob Thomas
    Subject: This hardbound book presenting the art and techniques of Disney animated film-making during the late 1950's when Sleeping Beauty was in production. Illustrated throughout in color and black & white with scenes from Disney films, art and behind-the-scenes photographs. An excellent book that every collector should try to find. Hard to find and rare. 188 pages.

    Art of Animation - From Mickey Mouse to Beauty & the Beast , 1991, reprint
    Author: Bob Thomas
    Subject: A celebration of the world's most famous animated films features color artwork, interviews with illustrators and animators, a complete history of Disney animation, and an analysis of the making of Beauty and the Beast. This is like two books in one, with the second part devoted to the making Beauty & the Beast. Illustrated throughout with artwork, photos and scenes from all of the films as of the print date. A nice book to have for the disney animation art fan.

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    Disney A to Z , 1998
    Authors: Dave Smith
    Subject: This hardback book written by Disney's archivist is a wonderful reference that indexed in the same way as an encylopedia. It contains everything from short bios of actors who starred in Disney films to general trivia in an organized and easy to find manner.

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Atlantis the Lost Empire : The Illustrated Script [ABRIDGED] June 2001
Author: Hyperion, Disney Editions
Subject:Atlantis: The Illustrated Script combines the best elements of art of/making of books and illustrated screenplays. The work-in-progress script is illustrated using preproduction artwork offering readers a window into the filmmakers' creative process. Unlike standard illustrated scripts - which feature final film frames - this unorthodox volume is filled with integrity and insightful notes, humorous sketches, along with the film's energetic, graphic-style development artwork. 128 pages.

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire Essential Guide June 2001
Author: David John
Subject: The guide brings DK's unique design style to Disney's rich cast of characters, locations, and bizarre vessels featured in the movie. This official pictorial guide gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the adventure of a lifetime. Inside You'll Find: The story of the Sheperd's Journal with timeline tracing Atlantis's history back through the mists of time, plus the code to the Atlantean language. Fascinating annotated illustrations depict the amazing vehicles and vessels, and displayed in brilliantly animated color. Exclusive profiles of the movie's characters. 64 pages.

    Before the Animation Begins , 1996
    Author: John Canemaker
    Subject: For the first time ever, noted animation historian and animator John Canemaker documents the lives and works of Disney's "inspirational sketch artists" from the 1930s to the present. These are the people who visualize all the details surrounding each character in the initial creative period before the grueling labor of animation begins. "Through daydreams and doodles, they attempt to 'find' the film." The happy result of these flights of fancy are dancing ostriches and personality-rich broomsticks. Drawings and paintings of Disney characters leap right off the pages of this lush book, where you'll find pastels from Fantasia, faux wood-cuts of the Seven Dwarfs, paintings of Alice in Wonderland, and hundreds of other delightful, rarely seen images.

    Behind the Magic , 1997
    Authors: Disney Animation Canada
    Subject: This booklet was put together by the Disney animation studio in Canada to showcase the current project this studio was creating, Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas, which was release on home video in . This booklet display the animation process and provide information aobut the computer generated imagery and digital ink & paint methods utilized in this film. A nice booklet to have. 18 pages.

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Check Out the Newest Books!

Brother Bear:A Transformation Tale Oct 2003
Author: T.K.
Subject:I have yet to review this book but it looks to be a great read for disney animation movie fans on the developement for the story of Brother Bear. This book offers the reader a glimpse into the world of developing the film with a great selection of production art. Hardcover, 128 pages.

    A Bug's Life : The Art and Making of an Epic of Miniature Proportions , 1998
    Editors: Jeff Kurtti
    Subject: This hardbound book describes the process for the wonderful story told by Pixar and Disney Feature Animation. This book similar in the tradition of the "Art of" books provides an inside look at the production process with fine examples of production and concept art, storyboards, interviews and more. 128 pages.

    Cinderella - A Dream Come True - The Story and the Makeing of a Masterpiece , 199O's
    Editors: Jim Fanning
    Subject: This hardbound book describes the history and the making of this animated film that helped to save the Disney company in the early 1950's. This book came with the deluxe CAV version of the laserdics release in the mid 1990's and has colorful pictures and information on the making of this very successful film. It is a succinct book similar to the title accompanying the laserdisc release of Snow White. 43 pages.

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