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The Animation Artshop offering original Disney production artwork at reasonable prices. is proud to offer other collector's a listing of recommended books that any disney production art fan should have in their personal library. Part of the fun is researching and learning about the artistry that goes into making a disney animated film. Over the years that I have collected, I have discovered numerous books and other resources that have educated and expanded my interest in feature animation. This page presents my collective efforts to offer other collector's a single resource for finding books on this subject.

Through my partnership with, you will be able find some of these available for sale. Just check out the alphabetized selection below. Some of the books listed will require a little more effort in finding as they have gone out of print. But just send me an e-mail I might have a helpful suggestion on where you can get it. Watch this page for future releases, as new books become available you will be able to purchase them right from this listing. Enjoy!

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Check Out the Newest Book!

Paper Dreams: The Art And Artists Of Disney Storyboards , 1999
Authors: John Canemaker
Subject: This is a wonderful coffee table book that shows the true art of storyboards from Disney feature animation. Highlighting the artists that created some of the most memorable moments in animation, this book present rarely seen artwork from Fantasia all the way through to Mulan.

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    Aladdin - The Making of an Animated Film , 1992, paperback.
    Author: John Culhane
    Subject: From story development to casting problems, from the breathtaking new computerized effects to that moement of magic when a character comes to together and comes to life, this wonderful book provides a fascinating look at the animation process from the inside in the course of making an extraordinary feature film. This book has been out of print for a couple of years and is difficult to find, email now for a copy. Limited supply! 124 pages.

    No tax and shipping/insurance extra.

    Animation Art: The Early Years 1911-1953 , 1995
    Authors: Jeff Lotman and Jonathon Smith
    Subject: Animation art is among the most popular contemporary art forms. It captivates the imagination and awakens the child in us. With nearly 6800 pieces of animation art illustrated in this exciting book, most in color, Jeff Lotman covers the early period of animation, from the founding of the Winsor McKay Studio in 1911 to 1954 (a future volume will continue to the present). The art illustrated was offered at auction, which means that it is in the marketplace, an important fact for collectors. In addition to the 6800 illustrated pieces, there is a listing of sales for several thousand additional pieces for which illustrations were unavailable. The book contains prices paid for the pieces at auction, making it a wonderful tool for assigning value.

    Animation Art: The Later Years 1954-1993 , 1996
    Authors: Jeff Lotman and Jonathon Smith
    Subject: This new volume takes the reader from Disney's 1954 feature Lady and the Tramp up to the antics of The Simpsons. The book is illustrated with over 6500 photographs, most in color, of cels and other animation art that have been offered at auction, along with the prices they brought. In addition, thousands of other animation art auction offerings are listed, making this a comprehensive source for the collector. Accompanying the wealth of illustrated art, the text provides historical sketches of the studios and other primary information about the artists. This is a necessary volume for all all who are interested in this wonderful art form.

    Animation Art at Auction: Since 1994 , 1998
    Authors: Jeff Lotman
    Subject: The latest book for fans and collectors of animation art delivers up-to-date and fascinating information about what to buy, where to buy it, and what the cost might be. Jeff Lotman has done it again! With over 1500+ photographs and more than 5,000 concise textual entries, almost every studio that produced animation art for shorts, features, or commercials has work included. And all these pieces have been sold at auction since 1994.

    Disney's Animation Kit , 1999
    Authors: Don Hahn
    Subject: Walt Disney wants your child! The workbook enclosed in this do-it-yourself animation kit gives such a thorough guide to the world and work of animation that children who go through it at all diligently will want to stuff a knapsack full of pencils and light out for the Southern California studios. Half a dozen colored pens are included, as are two flip books, a real piece of Disney film, and a cardboard zoetrope--a device for allowing you to view your own animation sequences. But the workbook (by Don Hahn, producer of both The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast) is the star attraction: sandwiched between the historical introduction and a glossary of terms is a full-blown but kid-friendly seminar on how to think about, plan, and create visual stories. (Ages 8 and older) --Richard Farr

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    Disney Animation Magic , 1996
    Author: Don Hahn
    Subject: Highlighting Disney's animated classics, Hahn describes why the story is the bottom line of the filmmaking process and the significance of each creative element used to form the finished film. Captivating facts--how computers assisted animators in The Lion King, why a Beauty and the Beast animator asked to get in a cage with a gorilla--add color and detail to this comprehensive, full-color book. 96 pages.

    Art of Animation - From Mickey Mouse to Beauty & the Beast , 1991, reprint
    Author: Bob Thomas
    Subject: A celebration of the world's most famous animated films features color artwork, interviews with illustrators and animators, a complete history of Disney animation, and an analysis of the making of Beauty and the Beast. This is like two books in one, with the second part devoted to the making Beauty & the Beast. Illustrated throughout with artwork, photos and scenes from all of the films as of the print date. A nice book to have for the disney animation art fan.

    The Art of Animation , 1958
    Foreward: Walt Disney
    Subject: This 26 page booklet was available to guests of Disneyland in the late 1950's to showcase the animation process as presented in Sleeping Beauty's Castle and to highlight Disney's latest release Sleeping Beauty. This informative booklet with foreward written by Walt Disney discusses the making of the animated feature as only Disney can create.

    The Art of Animation , 1958
    Authors: Bob Thomas
    Subject: This hardbound book presenting the art and techniques of Disney animated film-making during the late 1950's when Sleeping Beauty was in production. Illustrated throughout in color and black & white with scenes from Disney films, art and behind-the-scenes photographs. An excellent book that every collector should try to find. Hard to find and rare. 188 pages.

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    The Art and Flair of Mary Blair , October 2003
    Author: John canemaker
    This is a new title that is due out later this year that features renowned artist Mary Blair. For fans of the films from the late 40's and 50's, this book will highlight the work of an artist who garnered Walt Disney's personal attention and influenced the style of animation. Mary Blair is best known for her work on Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderella and the design of the 1964 World's Fair attraction, It's a Small World. If you like her artistic stlye, you will love this new book which will feature a narrative on her life and her work as well as showcase some of her best art.

    The Art of Walt Disney : From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms , 1995 Revised
    Authors: Christopher Finch
    Subject: The Art of Walt Disney is an enduring classic-a book that has sold nearly 600,000 copies in two lavish hardcover editions. Now, for the first time, Abrams is proud to announce an affordable condensed paperback version of this remarkable book. Drawing on unfettered access to Disney artists and archives, Christopher Finch chronicles every facet of Disney art-animation, live-action, and theme parks-from Mickey's 1928 debut in Steamboat Willie to the forthcoming Fantasia 2000.

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Atlantis the Lost Empire : The Illustrated Script [ABRIDGED] June 2001
Author: Hyperion, Disney Editions
Subject:Atlantis: The Illustrated Script combines the best elements of art of/making of books and illustrated screenplays. The work-in-progress script is illustrated using preproduction artwork offering readers a window into the filmmakers' creative process. Unlike standard illustrated scripts - which feature final film frames - this unorthodox volume is filled with integrity and insightful notes, humorous sketches, along with the film's energetic, graphic-style development artwork. 128 pages.

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire Essential Guide June 2001
Author: David John
Subject: The guide brings DK's unique design style to Disney's rich cast of characters, locations, and bizarre vessels featured in the movie. This official pictorial guide gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the adventure of a lifetime. Inside You'll Find: The story of the Sheperd's Journal with timeline tracing Atlantis's history back through the mists of time, plus the code to the Atlantean language. Fascinating annotated illustrations depict the amazing vehicles and vessels, and displayed in brilliantly animated color. Exclusive profiles of the movie's characters. 64 pages.

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    Disney A to Z , 1998
    Authors: Dave Smith
    Subject: This hardback book written by Disney's archivist is a wonderful reference that indexed in the same way as an encylopedia. It contains everything from short bios of actors who starred in Disney films to general trivia in an organized and easy to find manner.

    Before the Animation Begins , 1996
    Author: John Canemaker
    Subject: For the first time ever, noted animation historian and animator John Canemaker documents the lives and works of Disney's "inspirational sketch artists" from the 1930s to the present. These are the people who visualize all the details surrounding each character in the initial creative period before the grueling labor of animation begins. "Through daydreams and doodles, they attempt to 'find' the film." The happy result of these flights of fancy are dancing ostriches and personality-rich broomsticks. Drawings and paintings of Disney characters leap right off the pages of this lush book, where you'll find pastels from Fantasia, faux wood-cuts of the Seven Dwarfs, paintings of Alice in Wonderland, and hundreds of other delightful, rarely seen images.

    Behind the Magic , 1997
    Authors: Disney Animation Canada
    Subject: This booklet was put together by the Disney animation studio in Canada to showcase the current project this studio was creating, Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas, which was release on home video in . This booklet display the animation process and provide information aobut the computer generated imagery and digital ink & paint methods utilized in this film. A nice booklet to have. 18 pages.

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Check Out the Newest Books!

Brother Bear:A Transformation Tale Oct 2003
Author: T.K.
Subject:I have yet to review this book but it looks to be a great read for disney animation movie fans on the developement for the story of Brother Bear. This book offers the reader a glimpse into the world of developing the film with a great selection of production art. Hardcover, 128 pages.

    A Bug's Life : The Art and Making of an Epic of Miniature Proportions , 1998
    Editors: Jeff Kurtti
    Subject: This hardbound book describes the process for the wonderful story told by Pixar and Disney Feature Animation. This book similar in the tradition of the "Art of" books provides an inside look at the production process with fine examples of production and concept art, storyboards, interviews and more. 128 pages.

    Cinderella - A Dream Come True - The Story and the Makeing of a Masterpiece , 199O's
    Editors: Jim Fanning
    Subject: This hardbound book describes the history and the making of this animated film that helped to save the Disney company in the early 1950's. This book came with the deluxe CAV version of the laserdics release in the mid 1990's and has colorful pictures and information on the making of this very successful film. It is a succinct book similar to the title accompanying the laserdisc release of Snow White. 43 pages.

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Dinosaur : The Evolution of an Animated Feature , 2000
Authors: Jeff Kurtti
Subject: This is book is offered in the a similar tradition of the recent Disney "Art of" books focusing on their latest all digital feature, Dinosaur. This books provides you an inside look at this groundbreaking film which not even possible to produce just a few short years back. This book provides an extensive look at character sketches, storyboards, and color keys and offers interviews with the animators and other crewmembers that are somewhat more comprehensive than usual. In addition, it covers the entire history of the production. 128 pages.

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The Disney Film , 2000
Author: Leonard Matlin
Subject: This fourth and updated edition of from the famed film critic takes an indepth look at the disney film. From revealing animator's injokes in A Bugs Life to providing background information on the more recent disney animated features, it also includes the latest disney films featured at the theme-parks as well as the popular Mouseworks appearing on your saturday morning cartoons. 416 pages.

    The Disney Poster , 1993
    Author: Jim Fanning
    Subject: This hardbound book showcases with beautiful full color illustrations the posters that were created to advertise the theatrically released animated films and shorts. From Snow White to Aladdin, this book shows the magic of this completely separate collecting hobby. This book is also available in a small miniature edition (ISBN: 0786861851 ). 96 pages.

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    The Disney That Never Was , 1995
    Authors: Charles Soloman
    Subject: The Disney That Never Was: The Stories and Art from Five Decades of Unproduced Animation is a celebration of drawings from uncompleted films that were "simply too beautiful to leave in their folders." Some of the ideas and projects were abandoned for obvious reasons--a lack of time, money, or resources--but certainly not for lack of ingenuity. Charles Solomon, internationally respected critic and historian of animation, has gleaned the best of these unused animation drawings, storyboards, gags, and concept art, all of which make their first public appearances in this book. From Mickey, Donald, and Goofy sketches to Hans Christian Andersen roughs to wartime propaganda films to early versions of Fantasia, this book allows a delightful inside glimpse into the world of Disney. 214 pages.

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    Encyclopedia of Animation Techniques , 1996
    author: Richard Taylor
    Subject: This hardbound book is a comprehensive, step-by-step, directory of animation techniques. Loaded with information for the person who would like to learn more about various animation processes, this books presents the subject in a straight forward and fun approach. It also includes an inspirational gallery of finished works.

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    The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters , 1998
    Author: John Grant
    Subject: From Mickey Mouse to Timon, Roger Rabbit to Hades, and Aladdin to Sebastian--the famous, the infamous, and the obscure--every character of the Disney honor roll is present and accounted for in this comprehensive volume that every true Disney fan and animation enthusiast will treasure. This hardbound book provides an additional reference for all of the characters and films in Disney's animation vault. Wonderful pictures and information if found throughout.

    Fantasia , 1940
    Author: Deems Taylor
    Subject: This fantastic book was first published when the film was released in 1940 and still stands the test of time. Lavishly illustrated throughout with concept artwork this book chronicles the making of the this epic milestone in the artisty of animation. Collector's of Fantasia artwork will particularly love this book with its numerous pictures of the pastel concept work that are illustrated throughout. This is one of my favorites and very different from the more current versions. It is rare book to find but well worth the search. 158 pages.

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    Walt Disney's Fantasia , 1987
    Authors: John Culhane
    Subject: Reprinted on the eve of the long-awaited sequel Fantasia 2000, this is the definitive book on the Walt Disney Studio's most ambitious masterpiece. Noted film historian John Culhane tells the story behind the creation of Fantasia, using never-before-published material and a wealth of memorable illustrations, including actual frames from the classic film. 280 illustrations, 130 in full color.

    Fantasia 2000 - Visions of Hope , 1999
    Authors: John Culhane
    Subject: More than 50 years in the making, the release of "Fantasia 2000" will fulfill one of Walt Disney's most cherished dreams. Featuring six new animation sequences set to classical masterpieces -- Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony," Respighi's "Pines of Rome," and Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance" -- as well as your old favorites such as Dukas' "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," this elegant treasury is a Disney collector's dream. Stunning artwork from all nine sequences is showcased in a lavishly illustrated volume that brings together the entire creative process, from concept painting and character sketches to the spectacular full-color final images Walt Disney dreamed of. In keeping with Walt's optimisitc view of the future, John Culhane's text delves into the theme of hope and resurrection, making this volume the perfect book to launch the new millennium.

    The 50 Greatest Cartoons , 1994
    Editted: Jerry Beck
    Subject: This hardbound book lists the top 50 cartoons as selected by 1000 animation professionals. Information on each of the 50 cartoons is presented in an organized manner with a brief synopsis of the animated film and other relevant information. Did you your favorite make the list? 192 pages.

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    Art of Finding Nemo , May 2003
    Editted: Mark Cotta, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton
    Subject: I have yet to review this book but it looks to be a great read for animation movie fans on the interworkings from Pixar Animation. The Art of Finding Nemo celebrates their talent, featuring concept and character sketches, storyboards, and lighting studies in a huge spectrum of media, from five-second sketches to intricate color pastels. This behind-the-scenes odyssey invites the reader into the elaborate creative process of animation films through interviews with all the key players at Pixar. There will be children’s books related to Finding Nemo, but no adult titles other than this definitive volume. Revealing, insightful, and awesomely creative, The Art of Finding Nemo will delight film-goers, artists, and animation fans alike. Hardcover, 160 pages.

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The Hand Behind the Mouse : An Intimate Biography of Ub Iwerks May 2001
Author:Leslie Iwerks, John D. Kenworthy
Subject: Come meet the man you have known for all of your life! You may not know Ub Iwerks by name, but you certainly know his accomplishments. Walt Disney's friend, partner, adversary and alter ego all rolled into one, Iwerks was responsible for creating Mickey Mouse, adding color, sound and 3-dimensionality to cartoons and basically revolutionizing live-action films with his inventions, innovations and sheer brilliance. Without Ub Iwerks, we would not have the joy of seeing Donald Duck dancing with Aurora Miranda, Hayley Mills singing with herself or the Birds terrorizing Tippi Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock's masterwork. Without Ub Iwerks, we could not have experienced the thrill of the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean or Circlevision to the same extent. Without Ub Iwerks, we could not have the technology available to allow the current generations of filmmakers -- people like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg -- to create worlds and effects that are truly unbelievable. Ub Iwerks' creations are legendary, but in The Hand Behind the Mouse, we get to see for the first time, the intimate and personal story of the man himself -- Ub Iwerks. 256 pages.

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    The Art of Hercules: The Chaos of Creation , 1997
    Authors: Stephen Rebello
    Subject: In the tradition of the bestselling fine-art companions to Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, beautiful animation art showcases the chaos of creation from which Disney's Hercules was born in this full-color, large format book. A special signature section features the work of renowned artist Gerald Scarfe, best known as the genius behind the animated film-rock opera The Wall, whose brilliant line drawings led to a breakthrough in divining a style for Hercules.

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    Hercules Summer Spectacular - World Premierer Progam , June 15-26,1998
    Authors: Disney
    Subject: Here is the world premiere program from Hercules which opened in New York at the newly renovated New Amsterdam Theatre from June 15-26, 1998. This program is colorfully illustrated with artwork from the film and introduces all the of main characters as well as briefly describing the story. It has numerous foldouts and song lyrics in its 24 pages.

    The Art of the Hunchback of Notre Dame , 1996
    Authors: Stephen Rebello
    Subject: In the tradition of the previous "Art of" books by Disney (Lion King & Pocahontas), this large sized hardbound book showcases the artwork created during the production of the film. Illustrated throughout with character drawings, concept art and more, this book reveals the internal makings for famous French story. If you are a true disney animation fan you must read this book. This book was also published as a miniature edition (ISBN: 078686334X).

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    Disney Animation - The Illusion of Life , 1995
    Authors: Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas
    Subject: This hardback book written by two of Disney nine old men details the making of animated feature in the Disney way. This is a "must have" book for any true animation art fanatic.

    Walt Disney Imagineering - A Behind the Dreams Look at Making the Magic Real , 1996
    Authors: The Imagineers, Foreward Michael Eisner, Wendy Efken, Editor
    Subject: How can you make dreams come true? Or transform a fantasy into a colorful, exciting world that visitors can move through, touch, and enjoy? Such fabulous work is the daily business of Walt Disney's Imagineers, a core group of creative and highly skilled professional wizards. This attractive, imagination-expanding book tells the entire behind-the-scenes story of the world's favorite dream factory.

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    Lady & the Tramp, Sketchbook Series, No. , 1998.
    Editted: Frank Thomas
    Subject: Lady and the Tramp is one of the most requested Disney animated hits of all time. This sketchbook contains more than 150 black-and-white sketches plus 12 color plates done in preparation for the film’s release. Walt Disney’s Lady and the Tramp: The Sketchbook Series is limited to 2,500 copies. 112 pages.

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Lilo & Stitch: Collected Stories from the Film's Creators June 2002
Author: Hiro Clark Wakabayashi
Subject:I have found Chris Sanders work and how this whole story came to the screen a fascinating tale. This book informally documents the stories of key people who contributed to bringing to life Chris Sanders' original idea. An excellent read for the animation art fan. Softcover, 128 pages.

    The Art of the Lion King , 1996
    Authors: Christopher Finch
    Subject: This large-sized hardbound book beautifully describes the efforts of Disney Feature Animation's work to create one the greatest animated classics of all time. Lavishly illustrated with artwork throughout its 191 pages, this book is definitely one to have in your library. This book was also published as a miniature edition (ISBN: 0786831723).

    The Lion King - Pride Rock on Broadway , 1998
    Authors: Julie Taymoor, Alexis Greene and Tim Rice
    Subject: Here is a wonderful book that tells how they transformed Disney most popular animated feature to the Broadway stage. You saw the animated film, you bought the video, you couldn't get tickets to the stage show--here's the coffee-table book. But wait: what keeps The Lion King: Pride Rock on Broadway from being just another commercial Disney tie-in is the iconoclastic voice of director/designer Julie Taymor. She uses the text of this book as a diary for her personal struggle to merge her off-off-Broadway avant-garde sensibility with Disney's unabashedly bigtime commercial one. Her chronicle lends context to the already lush and abundant illustrations, photographs, and sketches of Taymor and her collaborators at work.

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Lion King: A Great Leap January 2003
Author: Christopher Finch, Don Hahn
Subject:I have yet to review this book but it looks to be an interesting new version of the making of the Lion King which was released theatrically in 1994. In this rendition, producer, Don Hahn, recounts the many twists and turns in the film's evolution. This book features more than 100 pages of storyboard sketches, workbook drawings, backgrounds and more! 127 pages.

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    The Art of the Little Mermaid , 1997
    Authors: Jeff Kurtti
    Subject: Here is a wonderful little hardbound book (in the tradition of Disney's miniature series) that reveals the artisty behind one of the films that is responsible for the renaissance in Disney animation, the Little Mermaid. Illustrated throughout its 192 pages, you will find production artwork ranging from drawings, layouts, cel setups and backgrounds. This is wonderful book to have that reveals the innner workings on how Disney brought the Hans Christian Anderson tale to the the big screen.

    The Little Mermaid , August 1991
    Authors: Disney Store
    Subject: This 19 page booklet was given out to customers who attended the art of the Little Mermaid event that was hosted at the select Disney stores in August 1991. This full color booklet shows the various types of production art that was released by the studio for sale to the public.

    The Little Mermaid , June 1993
    Authors: Disney Store
    Subject: In June of 1993, the Disney store held another Little Mermaid art event for which this booklet was published. Nicely illustrated production art in 18 pages and displaying the type of producton art released by the studio for sale to the public, this booklet was given out to customers who attended the event.

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    The Little Mermaid - Sketch Book Series , 1998.
    Author: Applewood Books, Disney
    Subject: The wonderful art of the Little Mermaid as only Disney can create is offered in this book from the viewpoint of the animator's drawing. Illustrated throughout the 112 pages are drawings that convey the very heart of this modern Disney classic. Limited edtion release.

    Little Mermaid - Piano-Vocal , 1990 Updated.
    Author: Allen Mencken & Howard Ashman
    Subject: The wonderful music that made the Little Mermaid convey its story so well is presented in this compilation of all the songs from the film. Illustrated with colorful scenes from throughout the film, any music fan will be happy to have this book to play and sing along at the piano.

    The Little Mermaid , 1997 reissue.
    Author: Charles Santore (Illustrator), Hans Christian Andersen
    Subject: Here is the classic fairy tale that comes to life with the wonderful illustrations of Charles Santore. Written with some modern language that is slightly jarring (when the little mermaid saves the prince from drowning, she dodges falling planks and beams from the sinking ship, "forgetting that they might crush her to atoms"), this version will not deter readers attracted by the lush, sentimental visuals in a tale of mermaids, shipwrecks, and unrequited love. The stylish and appealing format will appeal older children and adults alike.

M - O

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    Disney's Magic Eye , 1994
    Editors: N.E. Thing Enterprises
    Subject: Utilizing the technology to create three dimensional images from pictures, this hardbound books presents famous Disney images for your eyes to see. A pretty interesting book, if you can get your mind to see them! 32 pages.

    Mickey Mouse , 1998
    Author: Pierre Lambert
    Subject: This wonderful hardbound coffee table book references the art of Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie all the way to Runaway Brain. Printed in the same tradition as his previous book, Pinocchio Pierre Lambert display wonderful art pieces from personal collectors around the world and the Disney archives. Includes foreward written by Roy Disney, 240 pages. This book should be in every animation art collector's library!

    Mickey Mouse - My Life in Pictures , 1997.
    Author: Russell Schroeder
    Subject: The long-awaited, fully illustrated memoirs of international icon Mickey Mouse ranges from the production of his first short film to his monumental roles in cinematic history, merchandising, and politics. A first-person narrative yMickey Mouse takes a decade-by-decade look at Disney's most famous creation, born in 1928 and still going strong. The glib text is subordinate to the many photos, comic strips, and film stills that fill the 64 pages.

    The Art of Monsters, Inc. , November 2001
    Author: John Lasseter
    Subject:With the sophisticated graphics of Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Toy Story 2 to their credit, Pixar has become the studio to watch for brilliant animation. Their next movie, Monsters, Inc., (releasing on November 2nd) stars John Goodman and Billy Crystal as two working-class monsters whose job it is to scare children. Graphically innovative and wildly imaginative, this book takes a sneak peek behind the scenes at the early developmental stages of this sure-to-be box office hit. Representing the pinnacle of concept art today, The Art of Monsters, Inc. is the only forthcoming title for the adult fan, and it will capture the attention of artists, film-goers, and special effects enthusiasts everywhere. 144 pages.

    The Art of Mulan , 1998
    Author: Jeff Kurtti
    Subject: With Mulan, its latest animated feature, Disney deviates ever so cautiously from its rigid formula for other recent animated releases. Based on a Chinese legend of a girl who disguises herself as a soldier to take her father's place in the army, Mulan plays down the love interest prominent in newer Disney animated features and plays up the heroine's brains, courage, and skill. The coffee-table commemoration of the film, however, adheres to its predecessors' format. It details the movie's history and production and presents more than 350 beautifully produced illustrations that include early conceptual drawings and character designs, background paintings (many evocative of classic Chinese watercolors), and production stills. The text discusses the animators' visit to China to research the story's setting and the film's overall visual design, which stresses elements and simplifications that are common to both traditional Chinese art and effective animation. Any library possessing a shelf of the handsome volumes chronicling Disney's animation renaissance of the past decade shouldn't hesitate to add this one to it. -Gordon Flagg

    Disney's Mulan Postcard Book , June 1998
    Editted: Disney
    Subject: Here are 64 postcards featuring animation artwork or scenes from this latest Disney release based upon the famous Chinese legend of Mulan.

    Disney's Mulan , June 1998
    Editted: Katheleen Zoehfield, Judi Clarke and Brent Ford
    Subject: Based on a Chinese folktale, a young girl dresses up like a boy and goes off to battle in order to keep her elderly father safe at home. Along the way she meets a cast of unforgettable characters who teach her all about acceptance and self-respect. This full color edition is the childrens' storybook published by the Disney Press and was the book from which artwork was sold at auction by Sotheby's in March of 1999.

    Disney's Mulan - Special Collector's Edition , June 1998.
    Author: Russell Schroeder
    Subject: Disney's Mulan is nicely illustrated with animation art from the film in this version by Russell Schroeder. The real bonus is the extra chapter on teh making of this classic animated film complete with storyboard sequences, drawings and other backgrounds not previously published in Jeff Kurtti's book. It makes a nice addition to any collectors library on this film.

    The Music of Disney
    Authors: David Fisher
    Subject: This paperback was originally sold with the three volume set of CD or tapes as a special set highlighting the music of Disney. This booklet highlights the magical moments of music from Disney's earliest beginnings to it latest contemporary works.

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    Nightmare Before Christmas - The Film, the Art, the Vision , 1993
    Author: Frank Thompson
    Subject: This softbound book showcases the pioneering work of Tim Burton with stop motion animation during the creation this cult classic film. It is very nicely written and organized from the inspirational poem to the colorful photography depicting the actual filming process. Foreward written by Tim Burton, 192 pages. (This is one of my favorite films! A great book...but then I am not biased!)

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Walt Disney's Nine Old Men October 2001
Author: John Canemaker
Subject:I have yet to review this book but it looks to be a great read for animation movie fans on the interworkings of these great men that propelled Disney animation into what it is today. 308 pages.

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    Of Mice and Magic , 1980 (reprint)
    Author: Leonard Matlin
    Subject: Well known movie critic, Leonard Matlin provides an indepth study of the animated film from its earliest beginnings to the renaissance of Disney in the 1990's. A wonderful feature of this book is the well organized filmography that provides a year by year filmography of all animated films. This is one book you need just for reference if anything else!

P - R

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    Paper Dreams: The Art And Artists Of Disney Storyboards , 1999
    Authors: John Canemaker
    Subject: This is a wonderful coffee table book that shows the true art of storyboards from Disney feature animation. Highlighting the artists of that created some of the most memorable moments in animation, this book present rarely seen artwork from Fantasia all the way through to Mulan.

    Peter Pan - Sketchbook Series, No. 5 , 1998
    Authors: Walt Disney and Frank Thomas
    Subject: The fifth book in this sketchbook series features the preliminary sketches used to create the Disney animated classic Peter Pan (1953) and contains more than 150 black-and-white sketches done by such Disney greats as Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas, and Ollie Johnston. In addition, this sketchbook contains 12 color reproductions of original background studies done by David Hall and Mary Blair used in styling the film. The book is limited to 2,500 copies, with each book containing a numbered certificate of authenticity. 112 pages.

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    Pinocchio - Pierre Lambert , 1997
    Authors: Pierre Lambert and Jeanine Herman
    Subject: This beautiful hardback book describes the making of this animated classic and features original production artwork from a number collections around the world. This is a work of art itself with it glorious reproduction that truly recreates the artwork as though you were staring at the original piece. This is a "must have" for any animation fan of Pinocchio and the genre in general. Books includes an inbound sericel of Jiminy Cricket set against its reprinted original production.

    Pinocchio - The Making of a Masterpiece , 1990's
    Editted: Disney
    Subject: This softbound booklet came with the deluxe CAV version of the laserdisc release in the mid 90's and discusses the making of this classic tale by Collodi. Illustrated with color photos from the film and other references, this 26 page booklet briefly describes the history of the film and includes a nice background foldout of the wishing start.

    Art of Pocahontas , 1995.
    Author: Stephen Rebello
    Subject: This beautifully produced companion to the Disney animated feature celebrates and chronicles the creation of the film with pre-production and concept art, storyboards, an in-depth look at the design and refinement of the character of Pocahontas, layouts and backgrounds, and a history of Stephen Schwartz's wonderful musical score. Over 200 color and black-and-white illustrations. This book should be in every collectors library, however it is out of print and hard to locate.

    Pocahontas - Movie Premiere in the Park , 1995
    Editted: Disney
    Subject: This large-sized booklet was available for sale to those attendees lucky enough to get tickets to the premiere of Disney's Pocahontas in New York's Central Park on June 10, 1995. This 18 page program is filled with character decriptions, scenes from the movie and special foldouts that reveal aspects about the film. This booklet is hard to find and is no longer published.

S - V

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    Since the World Began - Walt Disney World the First 25 Years , 1996
    Authors: Jeff Kurtti
    Subject: In celebration of Walt Disney World's twenty-fifth anniversary, a lavish history of Walt Disney's dreams offers the original concept drawings, photographs of the park's construction, environmental awareness programs, and the state-of-the-art technology that helps create the magical environment. Original.

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    Sleeping Beauty - Sketchbook Series , 1997
    Editted: Applewood Books
    Subject: This cloth sided hardbound book displays animation drawings that were created during the production of the film. Throughout its pages, special pages showcase the film through the wonderful color key paintings by the well know stylist for the film, Eyvind Earle. This book is limited to an edition of 2,500 and comes numbered and signe by Eyvind Earle and the late Marc Davis. The unique feature of this books is its beautiful presentation of the art, there is no text. A book every Sleeping Beauty fan should have (which in my opinion is the finest animated feature artisitically ever created!).

Blanche Neige 2001
Author: Pierre Lambert
Subject:Pierre Lambert has written and produced a magnificently illustrated, thoroughly researched fine-art book to honor the first Walt Disney animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In the tradition of Pinocchio and Mickey Mouse, Lambert's previous art books, the focus of Snow White represents a subtle yet distinct shift from his previous books on Disney animation. It is primarily an art book - a showcase for story sketches, inspirational paintings, rough and finished animation drawings, cels and background paintings drawn from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library and private collections around the world, including many never-before-published images. In addition to hundreds of full-color photos, this deluxe hardcover book with slipcase features varnished illustrations and a beautiful sericel of Snow White at the well from Steve Ison's Collection. 248 pages.

    Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs , 1978
    Authors: Bob Thomas
    Subject: Spectacular storybook of Walt Disney's first animated feature, illustrated through with story art plus four bound-in serigraph cels. Published in a limited edition of 9,500, it is bounnd in white leather with gold stamping on the cover and gilt edge pages. It normally comes in a sturdy gold stamped slip-case. 224 pages. Hard to find!

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - An Art in Its Making , 1994
    Authors: Linda Witkowski and Martin Krause
    Subject: This hardback book describing the making of this animated classics features the collection of Stephen Ison who possesses the largest art of Snow White artwork outside the Disney Archives.

    Sotheby's Guide to Animation Art , 1998
    Authors: Christopher Finch and Linda Rosenkrantz
    Subject: Animation art has become one of the most popular fields of collectibles, embracing both vintage and contemporary images. The appeal of animation art is universal, as it captures scenes and characters from popular cartoons as well as animated feature films. With the success of such recent films as Disney's The Lion King, interest in animation art has grown exponentially. These enduring images of popular culture offer the collector the rare opportunity to participate in a collecting field still in its infancy. Sotheby's offers help in keeping up with animation art, one of the most popular fields in collectibles today. 94 photos, 20 in color.

Sotheby's Disney Auction Catalogs

Art of Roger Rabbit
June 28, 1989

Art of the Little Mermaid Auction
December 15, 1990

Art of Beauty & the Beast Auction
October 17, 1992

Art of Aladdin
October 9, 1993

The Lion King
February 11, 1995

Art of Pocahontas
February 24, 1996

Hunchback of Notre Dame
James & Giant Peach
June 21, 1997

Art of Hercules
June 20, 1998

Art of Mulan
March 6, 1999

Art of Tarzan
June 29, 2000

Art of
Fantasia 2000
June 29, 2000

    The Tarzan Chronicles , 1999
    Author: Howard Green
    Subject: This large hardbound book showcases the efforts and artwork that was utilized to create Disney version of the story by American author, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Illustrated with all types of production art, this book reveals the process artist took to create another Disney animated classic. Foreward by Phil Collins.

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    Tarzan - A Special Collector's Edition , 1999
    Author: Russell Schroeder and Victoria Saxon
    Subject: This hardbound collector's edition offers the Tarzan story illustrated with scenes from the film and a second section that showcases the art from the film. This book offers a more abbreviated version and a different persepective from the Tarzan Chronicles regarding the making of this successful film. 72 pages.

    Tomart's Value Guide to Disney Animation Art , 1998
    Authors: Tom Tumbusch
    Subject: I have not reviewed this book, but it is published by the same folks who produce the "Disneyana" magazine on all things collectible Disney. In this book they present a value guide to animation art collector's compiling information from over 40 auctions.

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    Treasure Planet: A Voyage of Discovery , October 2002
    Author: Jeff Kurtii, Jody Revenson
    Subject: This book provides a view into Disney's Animation Feature release Treasure Planet. Filled with artwork that describes the process of the modern version of Robert Louis Stevenson book Treasure Island, this book will interest animation art collectors of all types. There is particular attention paid to the new background painting process and the intergration of CGI with the hand-drawn process of animation with Glen Keane's version of Silver. A fun read with lots of art for the eye. 118 Pages.

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    Treasury of Disney Animation Art , 1982
    Author: John Canemaker
    Subject: Well known animation art author John Canemaker presents in this large size coffee table book, a collection of artwork that includes production drawings, background paintings, cel art and more. This book reproduces the artwork presented in such a large format you almost feel as though you are holding it! This is a book any animation art collector would love to own. 319 pages.

    The Ultimate Disney Trivia Book 3 , 1997
    Authors: Kevin Neary and Dave Smith
    Subject: The third entry into the magic kingdom of trivia promises to delight and astound the millions of Disney watchers across the globe. Kevin Neary and Disney Archives founder Dave Smith take readers behind the scenes of the Magic Kingdom to provide a fun-filled and exhilarating voyage that encompasses the global scope of Disney's worlds, from Anaheim to Paris to Tokyo.

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    The Disney Villain , 1993
    Authors: Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
    Subject: Since launching its Hyperion book division two years ago, the Disney Company has been practicing synergism by mining its archives for material suitable for compiling into lavish gift books. The latest such project is an oversize volume spotlighting memorable villains from more than six decades of the studio's animated films. The rogues' roll call begins well before the wicked queen in Snow White (1937), reaching all the way back to Mickey Mouse's early nemesis Peg Leg Pete, who actually antedated Mickey, and extending through The Three Little Pigs' Big Bad Wolf down to The Little Mermaid's Ursula and Aladdin's Jafar. All are depicted in hundreds of illustrations that include plenty of full-color frame enlargements and animators' sketches. Veteran animators Johnston and Thomas, there at the creation of most of the studio's masterworks, describe the characters' development and provide fascinating insights into the making of the films and the changes in Disney's approach over the years. The resulting volume is sure to appeal to audiences' fascination with villainy--especially when it's presented as frighteningly as Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent or as humorously as 101 Dalmatians' Cruella de Vil. --Gordon Flagg 232 pages.

W - Z

    The Art of Walt Disney , 1942
    Author: Robert D. Feild
    Subject: A serious study of Disney's filmmaking art, detailing all aspects of the process from story and layout to character development, animation and camera. This hardbound book is illustrated throughout in its 290 pages. Long out of print and very difficult to find.

    The Art of Walt Disney : From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms , 1995 Revised
    Authors: Christopher Finch
    Subject: The Art of Walt Disney is an enduring classic-a book that has sold nearly 600,000 copies in two lavish hardcover editions. Now, for the first time, Abrams is proud to announce an affordable condensed paperback version of this remarkable book. Drawing on unfettered access to Disney artists and archives, Christopher Finch chronicles every facet of Disney art-animation, live-action, and theme parks-from Mickey's 1928 debut in Steamboat Willie to the forthcoming Fantasia 2000.

Walt Disney and Europe: Influences on the Animated Feature Films of Walt Disney , October 1999
Author: Robin Allan
Subject: Walt Disney and Europe is a fascinating study of the way Europe and European culture influenced Walt Disney and his artists in the making of the Disney animated feature films from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Jungle Book. Unlike many other books on Disney it is not based on secondary sources, and makes no attempt to cover the whole range of the Disney phenomenon, but concentrates on the classic animated feature films that were produced under Walt Disney's personal supervision. This is also available in hardbound.

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    Winnie the Pooh: A Celebration of the Silly Old Bear , 1995 Revised
    Authors: Christopher Finch
    Subject: I have yet to review this book but it looks to be a real favorite for Winnie the Pooh fans. Christopher Finch talks about everyone's favorite bear in this detailed book done in the tradition of the previous Disney "Art of" style. Illustrated throughout with concept art, cel setups, storyboards, drawings and more. This books takes you from the beginnings of A.A. Milnes creation to Disney's modern day style. This looks like a must for any Winnie the Pooh fan! 176 pages.

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