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March 2003

Adelheid Herrmann
Alaska Regional Coordinator
for the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society

In July of 2002 I took on the duties of the Alaska Regional Coordinator position and the Project Coordinator for the Water Quality and Aquatic Environment Monitoring Project (WQAEMP). I worked as the Project Coordinator for the water quality monitoring project until January of 2003 when Karen Stickman assumed the duties of the Project Coordinator. I continued to do work on updating the website. In addition, the society received a small development grant from the Alaska Conservation Foundation for further development of the Alaska Regional office. I’ll be working on this grant to research potential funding sources for the regional office and for the regional conference. The 2003 Regional Conference is tentatively planned for December. We will post more information on the website throughout the year.

Michelle Davis, the previous Alaska Regional Coordinator, has taken a job with the Environmental Protection Agency as a Tribal Coordinator in the Alaska Operations Office, Region 10, EPA. Michelle kept the office running for many years through grants and other fundraising activities. The society thanks her for her many years of service and dedication to the Alaska region. Michelle can be reached at: davis.michellev@epa.gov.

There are many issues facing tribal people and tribal governments. There are many needs in villages and regions that cannot be met locally. The Alaska region of the society has served as a provider of technical assistance and information to tribes for natural resource programs and would like to continue in this role. In order to do this, I believe the society needs to work with the tribes to evaluate where we’ve been, where we are now and where we want to go. The society’s Alaska and National offices need to work with the Alaskan tribes to find ways to effectively provide a service or services to meet the needs of tribes in the natural resource field.

One successful service the Alaska region currently provides is the Water Quality project which gives tribes the tools through hands-on training to monitor their own water. Karen Stickman, Project Coordinator, has been working on providing training and is in the process of evaluating the project. One requirement tribes now have to meet, is that in order to monitor their water, they have to have a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) in place. The society, through the Water Quality project, will be helping tribes meet this requirement by providing training on developing Quality Assurance project plans.

I look forward to working with tribes on natural resource and other issues.



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