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Sitka Tribe’s Natural Resource Management Plan

Introduction: Sitka Tribe of Alaska and the Native American Fish & Wildlife Society . . . . .

  1. Land
  2. Subsistence
  3. Environmental management
  4. Cultural and interpretive sites


For Alaskan tribes there is a need to establish a model for natural resource management that incorporates traditional ecological knowledge and wisdom. The intent of this management plan is to outline some challenges and opportunities for the Sitka Tribe of Alaska to begin to plan for long range management of food systems, ethnopharmacology, wildlife habitat and subsistence hunting, fishing and gathering activities.

With decreasing amounts of federal funding to Indian economic programs and a high unemployment rate among tribal members, people rely on subsistence activities to support their households. This is a choice that best supports the long term physical and cultural well-being of tribal members.


Last updated 04/28/03