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Greetings, I hope everyone has been enjoying this sudden summer weather we've been having. Things have been busy in the Alaska Regional Office. We recently submitted an ANA grant for a statewide subsistence foods testing project, and the ANA grant we've been working under is nearing a close. This 2 year project has been quite productive, working with five communities around the state to develop natural resource management technical capacity.
Enjoy this time and take care.
Lianna Jack


Hello everyone, As Lianna mentioned, we are nearing the end of this grant cycle. We are busy developing other projects and proposals. One priority is securing funding to continue Kaumanik’s publication. You can help by sending us letters of support. These will help convince potential funding sources that you, our readers, value Kaumanik as a source of free technical information. If you have comments, ideas and suggestions, I'd enjoy hearing from you. For the summer, we'll be in and out of the office, fishing and enjoying summer. I wish each of you a safe, rewarding and enjoyable summer. Enjoy your time out on the land.
Best wishes,
Michelle Davis

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