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Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs priemered at the Carthay Cirlce Theater in Hollywood, California on December 21, 1937. This film which cost $1,480,000 to produce was called Disney's folly at the time because no one felt that anyone would be interested with watching a cartoon for hour and a half. But shortly after the film was released, it was quickly deemed a success and today, this film remains one of Disney's greatest achievements.

The story is based upon a fairytale written (1812-15) by the famous Grimm brothers from Germany. A scullery maid/princess finds herself in the midst of her evil stepmother's (queen) jealousy. When her evil stepmother's plan comes to light she is forced to flee into the forest where she befriends seven little men. However her stepmother discovers she is still alive and attempts to fulfill her plan, when the dwarves come to her rescue but realize they were too late. Snow White lies in a deathly sleep, but is soon awakened when Prince Charming comes to visit the young princess and gives her a final kiss.

This wonderful rendition by Disney is accomplished with 16 major sequences that portray the story. A complete listing of the sequence and scene notations appears below. In addition you will also find references for books, videos and other items every collector should have listed below. Artwork from this film is rare and commands higher prices than from recent Disney works. It is not uncommon for key setups to range in price from $20,000 to well above $100,000 however, drawings are more common with prices ranging from around $200 to $5,000.

Film Facts

Release date: December 21, 1937

Running time: 83 minutes

Supervising director: David Hand

Voices: Adriana Caselotti (Snow White), Harry Stockwell (Prince) Lucille LaVerne (Queen/Witch), Scotty Mattraw (Bashful), Roy Atwell (Doc), Pinto Colvig (Grumpy & Sleepy), Otis Harlan (Happy) Billy Gilbert (Sneezy), Moroni Olsen (Magic of Mirror), Stuart Buchanan (Huntsman).

Character Designs: Albert Hurter, Joe Grant

Animators: Frank Thomas, Dick Lundy, Arthur Babbitt, Eric Larson, Milton Kahl, Robert Stokes, James Algar, Al Eugster, Cy Young, Joshua Meador, Ugo D'Orsi , George Rowley, Les Clark, Fred Spencer, Bill Roberts, Bernard Garbutt, Grim Natwick, Jack Campbell, Marvin Woodward, James Culhane, Stan Quackenbush, Ward Kimball, Wolfgang Reitherman, and Robert Marsh

Sequence and Scene Listing
    Sequence 1B, scenes 3a-10, Queen and the magic mirror
    Sequence 2A, scenes 1-32, Snow White and the Prince in the Garden
    Sequence 2B, scenes 1-8, Queen orders Snow White's Death
    Sequence 3A, scenes 1-51, Snow White and the Huntsman
    Sequence 3B, scenes 1-32, Snow White meets the animals
    Sequence 3C, scenes 1-26b, Snow White discovers the Dwarf's cottage
    Sequence 3D, scenes 1-18a, Snow White and the animals clean house
    Sequence 4A, scenes 1-19, Dwarfs at the mine
    Sequence 4B, scenes 1-5, Dwarfs march home from the mine - Heigh Ho!
    Sequence 4C, scenes 1-18, Snow White discovers the bedroom for a nap
    Sequence 4D, scenes 1-53b, Spooks!
    Sequence 5A, scenes a1-47, Bedroom
    Sequence 5B, scenes 1-21, Snow White tells Dwarfs to wash
    Sequence 6A, scenes 1-36, Dwarfs at the tub washing
    Sequence 6B, scenes 1-46, Soup!
    Sequence 7A, scenes aa1-33, Queen leaves Mirror; Prepares disguise
    Sequence 8A, scenes 1-62, Entertainment
    Sequence 8B, scenes 1a-26, Story telling
    Sequence 8C, scenes 6a-30, Going to bed
    Sequence 9A, scenes 1-13, Witch at the cauldron; prepares apple
    Sequence 10A, scenes 1-28, Dwarfs leave for the mine
    Sequence 10B, scenes 1-3, Queen on her way to Dwarf's cottage
    Sequence 11A, scenes 1-23, The lodge meeting
    Sequence 13A, scenes 1-28, Snow White making pies; witch enters house
    Sequence 14B, scenes 5-13, Dwarfs at the mine, animals warn them
    Sequence 14C, scenes 1-4, Witch urges Snow White to make a wish
    Sequence 14E, scenes 1-12, Dwarfs start for house to rescue Snow White
    Sequence 14F, scenes 1-6, Snow White starts wish
    Sequence 14G, scenes 1-5, Dwarfs on the way to cottage
    Sequence 14H, scenes 1-4A, Snow White dies
    Sequence 14J, scenes 1-30, Dwarfs chase the queen
    Sequence 15A, scenes 1-8, Snow White dead
    Sequence 15B, scenes 1-3, Titles
    Sequence 16A, scenes 1-19, Snow White brought back to life by prince

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