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Pinocchio priemered February 7, 1940 which coincided with the start of the World War II and effectively cut Disney's international market. This film which cost $2,600,000 extensively utilized the newly developed mult-plane camera particularly for wide and horizontal camera shots. Following on the success of Snow White, the public's reaction to Pinocchio was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and even though Disney lost over $1,000,000 the company since made this up with subsequent releases to date.

The story is based upon an Italian tale written (1880) by Collodi as known as Carlo Lorenzino. A lonely toymaker desparately wishes to have a son but has to resort to the toys of his creation. One day he crafts a wooden boy marionette puppet and calls him Pinocchio. During the evening after Geppetto finished constructing the puppet, Geppetto notices the wishing star and makes a wish. Unbeknownst to Geppetto, the Blue Fairy arrives to grant him his wish with Pinocchio, however she tells Pinocchio that he must prove himself in order for him to remain as real boy forever. The story then unfolds with Pinocchio's adventures before becoming a real son for Geppetto.

For more information on this film, check out the links below. There you will find references for books, videos and other items every collector should have. Artwork from this film is rare and commands higher prices than from recent Disney works. It is not uncommon for key setups to range in price from $20,000 to well above $125,000 however, drawings are more common with prices ranging from around $200 to $5,000.

Film Facts
Release date: February 7, 1940

Running time: 88 minutes

Supervising director: Ben Sharpsteen and Hamilton Luske

Voices: Dickie Jones (Pinocchio), Cliff Edwards (Jiminy Cricket) Christian Rub (Geppetto), Walter Catlett (J. Worthington Foulfellow), Mel Blanc (Gideon), Charles Judels (Stromboli and Coachman), Frankie Darrow (Lampwick), Evelyn Venable (Blue Fairy), Don Brodie (Barker on Pleasure Island).

Music & Lyrics: Leigh Harline, Ned Washington and Paul J. Smith.

Artistic Consultant: Gustaf Tenggren and Shamus Culhane.

Original release movie poster.
Art Direction: Charles Philippi, Hugh Hennesy, Kenneth Anderson, Dick Kelsey, Kendall O'Connor, terrell Stapp, Thor Putnam, John Hubley, McLaren Steward and Al Zinnen.

Animators: Jack Campbell, Oliver M. Johnston, Berny Wolf, don Towsley, Don Lusk, John Lounsbery, Norman Tate, John Bradbury, Lynn Karp, Charles Nichols, Art Palmer, Joshua Meador, Don Tobin, Robert Martsch, George Rowley, John McManus, Don Patterson, Preston Blair, Les Clark, Marvin Woodward, Hugh Fraser and John Elliotte.

Backgrounds: Claude Coats, Merle Cox, Ed Starr and Ray Huffine.

Character Designs: Joe Grant, Albert Hurter, John P. Miller, Campbell Grant, Marten Provensen and John Walbridge.

Books, Video, DVD, Links and Other References

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    Pinocchio - Pierre Lambert , 1997
    Authors: Pierre Lambert and Jeanine Herman
    Subject: This beautiful hardback book describes the making of this animated classic and features original production artwork from a number collections around the world. This is a work of art itself with it glorious reproduction that truly recreates the artwork as though you were staring at the original piece. This is a "must have" for any animation fan of Pinocchio and the genre in general. Books includes an inbound sericel of Jiminy Cricket set against its reprinted original production.

    Pinocchio , 1996
    Authors: Carlo Collodi and Ed Young (illustrator)
    Subject: This hardback book is a current English version for the original tale that Disney adapted for the screen. Ilustrated by Chinese-American, Ed Young, he takes another classic tale and renders it with his wonderful designs to portray the true version of Pinocchio's adventures.

    Pinocchio , 1999
    Running Time:88 minutes
    Subject: Here is Disney's classic tale and 2nd animated feature based upon Collodi's tale. Starring the voice talents of Cliff Edwards and Christian Rub in the new DVD format that offers collectors more options, also available in VHS. Just click on the one of the links below to order.