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United States Ultralight Association - Club #94

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This is a listing of some of our favorite sites and sites who have offered to link back to our pages to help educate people on the fun of ultralight flying and safety!
Arctic Sparrow Aircraft our proud sponser and home of the Ultralight Flyers of Alaska.

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Alaska Web Cams:
  4th Avenue - Anchorage Alaska
  Pilot Weather Cams - State Wide
  Valdez Cams - three views
  Other Alaska Web Cams
USUA United States Ultralight Association

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Ballistic Recovery Systems - BRS

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Midnight Sun Microlights - a fellow Alaskan Ultralight Club Website. 
EAA Chapter 1026 Port Townsend WA.

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Calgary Ultralight Flying Club  a fellow Canadian site dedicated to the education of our sport.

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Ultralight News  for classifieds, ultralight buyers guides and much more....
Ultralight Flyer  for web video interviews with ultralight designers, builders, owners, and more.....
Robert Comperini - lots of good information and resources.


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