Relocateable Over
the Horizon Radar
(ROTHR) Station

Amchitka ROTHR U.S. Navy Base. PMC provided essential base support services for the 235-person Navy station at Amchitka Island, 1,400 miles southwest of Anchorage in the Aleutian Chain, from December 1988, until the base's closure in 1993. Our staff of 90 technicians and managers operated and maintained facilities and equipment over the entire length of the 40-mile island. Services included power generation and distribution; operation of the water/wastewater treatment center, port and airfield facilities, and the communications and weather station; maintenance of more than 70 miles of roads; purchasing, transportation, and warehousing of all base materials; bulk fuel operations; hazardous waste management; and complete personnel support for both civilian and military residents.

"PMC's performance during the period of the contract reflects an organization where professional service is well rooted. All annexes received excellent ratings. The board has been uniformly impressed with your commitment to quality. Demonstrating a can-do attitude from the beginning exemplifies the spirit of good government contracting. The firm is exemplary and highly recommended for additional contracts."

R.F. Heine, Jr.
Captain, U.S. Navy

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