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This site was created to house the top ten sites for My Little Pony Collectors worldwide. Please make a bookmark and use us as the means to get around for collecting information. If you would like to subit a site you have seen for juding read our rules and let us know! We love looking around and seeing all the sites out there. These sites are listed Alphabetically for ease fo use.
Hope you enjoy surfing through them!

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We have found dream Valley to be the best site out there for basic collectring information and ID of ponies and accessories.

This site is a great location for pony "fan fic" and just lots of fun stuff written and maintaind by collectors. While you are there check out Ivy's home site and get great free pics for your web site too!

Feriedust is a wonderful place like no other. She has compiled a great ID space and has a On Line greeting Card site. Great for sending that special someone a favorite card!

We chose this site because of her wonderful free colouring book and graphics for you to use or download.

A wonderful means to search through tons of pony sites. Everything is featured alphabetically and well maintained.

Morning Glory's Garden


Sail-Away's Harbor is an excellent source to repair or make custom ponies. She has all of her directions with photos for ease of use.

Sky Lands

Just a really neat site over all. With great graphics and writings.

Chosen for her index and photos to all of her My Little Ponies. Many times box backcard and actual photos differ. Go here to see the pony you are searching for or just browse through her collection of images.


Taffetas is the most experienced UK and European pony collector. She has a great ID page to help you know whether that pony in your box is a rare UK or Euro pony.