Rules for submission to MLP Top Ten:

The following is a list of basic rules to submit a site to the MLP top Ten:

1. ALL sites must be "g" rated. There can be no questionable material located in the site.

2. Owners may NOT submit their sites for judging. Only surfers can do that. We don't want any fat heads out there.

3. After 3 months of compiling information a pannel of judges will veiw each site and decide which sites are to be included in the top ten. To read the judging criteria please read judging rules.

4. After a site has won a placing the owner will recieve an award for placing in the top ten. The award may or may not be placed on the site. That is purely the owners choice.

5. Anyone wishing to submit a site for review may email me. The email MUST be headed "TopTen Submission" OR the email may be missed and disgarded.

Thanks for your time!