A pannel of three judges wes selected to decide on the top ten finishers. Here are the guidelines they set and used:

About the Judging:

Sites were judged on the following criteria:

1. Cleanliness: No rude comments, jokes in bad taste or anything to make a pony blush.
Rated G or PG at the most.

2. Personality: A central theme for MLP but also a little more.

3. Information: Either collecting info, identification, fan fic, cleaning tips,
how to's, etc.

4. Ease of use: Central hubs, frames, indexes and ease of use

5. Graphics: Pony or other MLP Subject graphics


Owners were not allowed to submit their own sites for judging.

Initial voting was by collectors and e-groups members, then a panel of three judges
chose the top ten finishers.