Glaciers, beachcombing:
You can design your own custom vacation in Prince William Sound for glacier tours to the Columbia Glacier or the Meares Glacier, or cruise up Port Wells to College Fiord, and view Yale Glacier, Downer Glacier, Harvard Glacier, Smith Glacier, Bryn Mawr Glacier, Vassar Glacier, and Wellesley Glacier. All of these glaciers are "tidewater glaciers," and KraKaDawn allows us to cruise right to the base of them! OR, we could go into the Barry Arm and travel up to the Harriman Fiord, where the Coxe Glacier, Barry Glacier, Cascade Glacier, Serpentine Glacier, Baker Glacier, Cataract Glacier ( a finger of the Roaring Glacier...), and, of course, the Harriman Glacier, all meet the sea!

Well, that's the Northwest part of Prince William Sound, now about the west side.....glaciers, glaciers, glaciers... get the point? Lots to do and see! Nowhere else on this planet can you find so many tidewater glaciers! Perhaps, New Zealand...

OR, Cruise down Knight Island Passage, one of the most interesting parts of the Sound, and put in one of the many bays, and take a skiff to shore to beachcomb, dig for clams, or BBQ some fresh halibut, salmon, or shrimp, that you just pulled up from the depths!

There are 26 large islands, numerous fiords, glaciers, icebergs, and much more. "Remote" Prince William Sound offers sights that only a handful of people have had the privilege of witnessing. Our vessel KraKaDawn is custom designed to cruise to these rare spots.

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