Sportsfishing for Halibut and Salmon:
Monster Halibut are throughout Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. In 1995 one of our customers placed 3rd in the Valdez Halibut Derby with a 229.8 pound fish. While the average Halibut caught in Alaskan waters is 22 pounds, fish over 100, 200 and sometimes 300 plus pounds can, and do, hit your line like a freight train, so hang on!!!

The Coho Salmon Derby winner this year was 19.07 pounds, and talk about fight--these fish go ballistic!! This past year was great, with limits of 6 fish to an angler caught in under 2 hours!! You can extend your fishing trauma by safe releasing your catch, and fishing 'til your arms wear out. Pink Salmon literally boil the water.

Fishing Gear:
For halibut, we use custom rods and top gear throughout, with a variety of baits and jigs. We troll or mooch for Coho salmon until they're closer to the surface, then we can switch to casting and lighter gear. If IGAF regs are in your blood, we can work that out!

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