Town Square, multimedia

Anchorage's downtown Town Square Park is a showcase garden in summer

Digital Drama

CD-ROMs aren't just for software programs and great music sound anymore.
We produce CD-ROM auto-play presentations and slide shows that can set your business apart from its competition. Using Microsoft PowerPoint software, photo and graphic editing applications, and even film and sound files, we bring presentations to life.

With the low cost of CD-ROM duplication, a company profile can be a powerful sales tool. Showing your products and services. With dynamic photos of your facility, staff, and project successes. It's a multimedia presentation surpassing even the best brochure. (For one of our clients, the company profile we produced landed a $1.4 million contract.) The CD-ROMs are also effective training and orientation tools for staff or visitors to your facility.

You need not have PowerPoint on your system to play presentations automatically or with manual advance. (You can even load a slide show onto your website)....and best of all, elements of the presentation can be transmitted via e-mail enroute to the final product.

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