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Think you know what the ref is calling when he makes a signal?

Well let's see.

Read the description of the referee's sign and name that call.

When you think you know what it is, run mouse over picture and look in bottom bar of browser to see name of the call.

Click on picture to go to that infraction in the USA Hockey rules pages.

Arms crossed (fists clenched) above the head. Penalty Shot A single jabbing motion with both hands together, thrust forward from in front of the chest, then dropping the hands to the side. Spearing
Placing of both hands on hips one time. Misconduct Folding arms across the chest. Icing
Clasping the wrist of the whistle hand well in front of the chest. Holding The non-whistle hand (open hand) and arm are placed straight down alongside the body and swung forward and up once in an underhand motion. Hand Pass
One punching motion to the side with the arm extending from the shoulder. Fighting (Roughing) A forward motion with both fists clenched, extending from the chest. Cross-Checking

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How'd ya do?

  • 8 Right - You're either a ref or sit in the penalty box a lot.

  • 4-7 Right - Better study if you plan on doing the scoresheet.

  • 0-3 Right - Oh well, the game is more interesting than watching the refs.

  • There are 27 official signals in the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules book. I'll post eight each month so check back and see how many you know.

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    Updated Friday, January 16, 1998