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Red titled movies are ones that I have seen and so have my review. Blue titled movies are ones that I have not seen and the review is by someone else.

Rob Lowe - Cynthia Gibb - Patrick Swayze - Ed Lauter

Lowe stars as an American who goes to Canada to play juniors. Good action movie with fights, cursing and lewdness. Has everything that juniors is.
1986 Rated R

Slap Shot
Paul Newman - Michael Ontkean - Lindsay Crouse - Strother Martin

What a great movie. For the hockey part anyways. Newman is a player/coach who tries to save his hometown team from folding. And of course fighting is the ticket. Enter the Hanson Brothers. A true classic.
1977 Rated R

Wayne's World
Mike Meyers - Dana Carvey - Rob Lowe - Tia Carrere

Not a movie about hockey but it does have some hockey references. Wayne and Garth wear Black Hawks Jerseys when they play street hockey "Game on." There is also Stan Mikita's Donut Shop with a hockey theme run by our good friend Al Bundy. Excellent sound track including Alice Cooper. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hurl.
1992 Rated PG-13

The Mighty Ducks 1,2,3
Emilio Estevez - The Ducks

Kid's movies that are quite unbelievable. The knuckle puck and the flying-V are just two examples. The stories are predictable and have been used in many movies. Guess who comes from way behind to win the Championships. Ho-hum could it be the Ducks. Kids will like these flicks but don't let them be fooled that these represent real life hockey. They should've stopped with the first one.
1990s' Rated PG

Hockey Night
Megan Follows, Rick Moranis, Yannick Bisson

Kid's movie that deals with a 14-year-old girl moving to a new town. This girl is different though, she's a hockey goalie that wants to play the game. Since there isn't a girl's team she joins the local "boy's" team which only brings her trouble with the players and the team's sponsor. This is a good movie to watch with the family as it shows life from two points of view.
1984 Rated PG

Happy Gilmore
Adam Sandler, Richard Kiel, Bob Barker

Happy Gilmore has a killer slap shot but no team will have him and his Grandma is losing her house. Happy discovers that he can translate his slap shot into a 400 yard tee shot and decides to win the money for his Grandma's house by playing pro golf. Good movie. Lots of laughs.
1996 Rated PG-13

Touch and Go
Michael Keaton

Canadian Bacon
John Candy, Rhea Pearlman, Alan Alda

Toy Story
Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles

This movie mesmerizes me. Completely computer animated it is a beautiful thing. The hockey in this movie is in the form of some sticks and a classic Don Rickles line. Rickles, who does the voice of Mr. Potato Head, says, "What are ya looking at ya hockey puck." to, of all things, a walking hockey puck. Everyone should see this movie at least once.

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