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Grandma's Cupboard

at Cad-Re

281 Aspen, Soldotna, Alaska 99669
phone (907)262-4698
fax (907)262-6095



More than just a feed store.

  • Vitamins
  • Herbs
  • Homeopathics
  • Essential Oils
  • Nuts and Dried Fruits
  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Full Mineral Sea Salts
  • Immune Supports

New Whole Food Vitamins
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Holiday Favorites:
Cinnamon Sticks
Whole Nutmegs & Cloves
Ginger, Coconut Flakes, & Nuts


UNKER'S Theraputic Salve

Liquid Health

Garden of Life

Spiru-tein Protein Drinks

Black Scottie Licorice
A real treat for true licorice lovers.

Interesting Bit of Information


 Character of Breath Odor

 Fishy ammonia (urine-like)- Renal failure
 Fishy sweetness -Liver failure
 Musty ammonia -Liver disease (fetor hepaticus)
Fruity chewing gum or acetone -Diabetic ketoacidosis
Apples -Chloroform or salicylate ingestion
Grapes- Pseudomonas infection
 Fruity yeast- Alcohol ingestion
 Fresh-baked bread -Typhoid fever
 Stale or musty(sourdough) bread -Pellagra (severe niacin deficiency)
 Fresh meat -Yellow fever
Stale beer- Mycobacteria (scrofula)
 Landfill or garbage dump -Oral infection
Putrid -Anaerobic infection
Very putrid- Lung abscess
 Stale smoke -Cigarette smoking
 Burning rope -Marijuana smoking
 Shoe polish -Nitrobenzene ingestion
 Bitter almonds -Cyanide ingestion
 Garlic -Arsenic ingestion
 Metallic- Iodine ingestion
 Solvent- Hydrocarbon ingestion
 Violets -Turpentine ingestion

Disaster Preparedness:
In the event of natural disaster or other situations that may arise in the future, plan ahead to have useful ingredients for maintianing your situation.

As far as biological situations that might occur, the first thing to do is limit contact with others .Store at least 4 gallons of bleach or more as this is still one of the best disinfectants. Bleach everything, including clothing, dishes, etc. 1 oz. of bleach to dishwater, 1/2 cup to laundry. Be prepared to stay home. In order to do this have food and water and other essentials stored.

Natural remedies to have on hand might be: Colloidal Silver Also Olive Leaf Extract. 4-Herb Tea, either in Bulk or Concentrate Grapefruit Seed Extract a powerful concentrated anti-microbial that can be used in a wash for food, baths and other. Multivitamins - BachsRescue Remedy andHylands Calms Forte are just some of the basics of a natural remedy disaster kit. Available at Grandma's Cupboard in Cad-Re Feeds

The Person Most Interested in Your Health is You
It's work, but the results are worth it.

Vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds- A plant based diet: Try it!
Learn the connections between diet, hormones, stress and how they affect the immune system.
Consider the benefits of consuming more raw vegetables and drinking green smoothies.

LINKS to help define the factors that affect health and energy. Many of these factors are under your control, such as the low-glycemic food choices, raw vegetables, essential fatty acids (EFAs), water.

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