Cones can be used to clean and are believed to help with various disorders. Using cones is generally more comfortable and less expensive than conventional cleaning which uses water pressure. Cones are considered folk medicine. Many people use cone once a year or less. Others with heavy build up seem to benefit with more frequent use, some as often as every other week.


A person to assist you
A container of water
2 or more cones
A paper plate or aluminum foil
A match or lighter.


Make an opening in the paper plate (or foil) large enough for the cone to fit through. Put the small end of the cone through the opening. Light the large end and wait until smoke comes out of the small end. Lie on your side on a pillow or support your head with your arm. Put the small end of the cone in gently. Leakage of smoke around the cone (small end) indicates improper positioning of the cone. Simply adjust the position of the cone until no smoke leaks out.

Most people feel a pleasant sensation of warmth as a vacuum is formed. They can hear snapping or crackling. This mild sound is the wax being softened. Periodically remove the cone to check for clogging of the tip (unclog with a fork tine or pointed object) and then reset the cone.

Let the cone burn to about 2 inches above the paper plate or foil. It will take between 8-14 minutes. Remove the cone and place into the container of water to extinguish. Blowing the flame will only cause the ashes to fall off; this is NOT recommended.

This is a home remedy. You must use your won judgment as to what feels normal and how often to use. This product is make with wax. Do not leave in sunlight or store in places above 100 degrees as they will melt and stick together.

CAUTION: The user of this product accepts full responsibility. Sellers and/or manufacturers are not responsible for any accidents as a result of the use of the cones. Proper usage of this product should yield pleasing results.

######## The above ear candle instructions are courtesy of Kodi Kandles.