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Important Files / New Additions
 Lanethan (fiction) (1/17/02)
 MS FAQ 1 (12/10/01)
 Bear Picture 2 (12/2/01) 
 Bear Picture 1 (12/2/01)
 MS Information Guide (11/18/01)

The messenger has arrived!
"A wee little update!"

An important notice, since, to be frank, I'm tired of the hundreds of emails
about the lack of a download site for MS.  Rest assured:  We are working
on it!  There ought to be a working mirror "soon"(tm).

Also, the new Fiction section of the Guides page is now up, as well as the
first piece of fiction.  Check it.


News from the wild and a new place to play!
"Valor #1 Server Back and Bears ingame!"

Valor #1, the most popular server for Mastersword, has returned in a new form!
You can find the server at this ip:

Perhaps more importantly, we also now have the various 'bear' monsters ingame!
Two pictures showing the adult Brown bear can be seen below:

Other updates:
Pictures page now has the two new bear pictures.


With the loss of the great comes the arrival of fate

Dogg, founder and programmer for Mastersword, has resigned from the team.

But don't despair!   For, with Dogg's blessing, we are continuing on, we strive to meet those challenges that we face in the eye of storms, as...
Alrighty enough of that too.

We have hired a new programmer, who is taking up the incredible task of following in Dogg's footsteps,
Everybody, please welcome L0stman!

Other updates:
Team page updated
All pages updated to fix guide menu



In an effort to improve the graphical quality of MasterSword, the development team has agreed on a competition for anyone who wishes to participate. The winner of each category will see their work featured in a future release of MasterSword, and entries of a high standard of quality may be chased down with offers to work on the development team, further improving the MasterSword modifications graphical content.

There are three categories which you may participate in, they are as follows:

1. Skinning - The challenge is to skin the Scorpion-Demon (Made by 'DeathMystic')

2. Animation - The challenge here is to create animations for the Scorpion-Demon, the animations must include Idle, Walk, Run, Attack and Death.  Additional animations are welcomed.

3. Modelling - The player must make, a goblin that is 2/3 the height of a normal player and thin (It also has a green skin colour). Working the above two challenges into this category is also welcomed.

Submissions should be sent by e-mail to, please make sure that you have the category name and number in the topic of the e-mail.

Good luck.

Changed - The Scorpion Demon link now points to an SMD file which should make things easier for you 3dsm users.


The Guides Page now includes a brief account of the History of Daragoth.


Lanethan has created a small update for the Calrian Ruins.
Download it here.

Also, check out the irc chat channel: #MasterSword on
(How do you get on irc chat?Use the mIRC client)


New Section Added (Guides)!Includes all guides to setting up and playing MS



Master Sword, R1 is FINISHED!  Enter and explore the Land of Daragoth!

Download Master Sword 1.01 full (35mb):

Honour and ChaosMasterSword101f.exe

Download v1.0 => v1.01 patch (585kb):
This patch fixes the common “Loading screen” bug from v1.0.

 Honour and ChaosMasterSword101.exe

Thanks goes out to all those fans that stuck with us
throughout those long years.  Your support has helped 
us reach this point.Also, special thanks to the generous
folks who provided download mirrors!

See you guys in game!



  We have determined a release date for Master Sword!  Be sure to check in September 10th!


  Some more sweet pics of MS were posted on Planet Half-life today.  Check 'em out.  Our status?  We're simply ironing out all the bugs now.  There's a lot of small ones lurking around!  Even so, a release is imminent. Look for info on that in the next couple of days.