In the world of MS, there are four primary 'diety' beings, which watch over the world and keep it in balance.  They are of the ancient Loreldian race, and are immortal.
Each one of these Loreldians represents a different side of 'Harmony,' as listed:

Felewyn:  Tall, green haired woman.  She represents 'Order,' or 'Good.'

Torkalath:  Grey haired, dark skinned man.  Often appears as other, more menacing, forms.  He represents 'Chaos,' or 'Evil.'

Urdual:  Gentle faced, dark haired man.  He represents 'Balance,' which means that when there is too much good in the world he creates chaos, and when there's too much evil in the world he creates good.

Pathos:  True form unknown, often appears as a face split down the middle: half of the face is benevolently smiling, the other half maliciously frowning.  He represents 'Duality,' as he has both an 'Order' side and a 'Chaos' side.

All of these Loreldians serve the same force: to create Harmony, a balance between both good and evil.  Pathos watches over the other three to keep them from becoming unbalanced.
For these Loreldians to appear in the physical plane is nearly impossible, and almost always undesirable as it creates severe unbalance in the fate of the world.  Thus, they have each
selected 'Apostles' to represent them: near immortal, they can pass freely between the astral and physical planes of existence.  These 'Apostles' enforce/represent the Loreldians in
the physical plane, and harbor in themselves immense power.  The current list of apostles is as follows:

       Tungar:   An almost purely mental essence that drifts across the lands, it holds a somewhat loose alliance to Felewyn when
                      light needs to be restored to a darkened area. Knowledge of this apostle is largly taken in good faith as no one has yet seen Tungar in its physical form, or if in fact
                      there is a physical form.
        Akanli:   A stout dwarven warrior with golden hair, some say he appears as a giant wielding a crystalline axe.  It has been a long time since he has apparated.
       Myrlance:  The balancer of war, he seeks unnatural gaps that may appear in the souls of warriors.

       Kurgoth:  Once an elf named Cristiel, his physical form has been warped, representing the pure evil which glows inside his black heart.

       Lanethan:  Once an elf named Aginor, Lanethan used to be an apostle of Felewyn.  Now he represents the 'Order' half of Pathos.
       Iquitas:      Sister of Idemark (who was previously Pathos' Order apostle), she represents the 'Chaos' half of Pathos.
       Lostman:  A wandering, seemingly lost, man.  It is unknown what power he serves.

Apostle Equipment
Created for the apostles, this equipment (through the terrible power of the 'Lost') has fallen into players' hands.  Failure to remove and dispose of this equipment upon being asked
can and will often result in a permanent ban from the game of Mastersword as of the next patch.
Apostle equipment is as follows:
"The Asderal Blade"  -  A golden longsword.
"The Dread Scythe"  -  A large, red scythe
"Lanethan's Bow"  -  A jeweled bow
"Dark Apostle Armor" -   Armor which looks a little like 'The Grim Reaper'
"Light Apostle Armor" -  Armor which looks very white and has a hooded face.

All other equipment is sanctioned.  Any instances of players using this equipment should be reported to  with the name of the offender.