Scott's Rocketry Stuff

Smokeless Powder Ejection Charge Report

A Photo Gallery of most of my
model rocket silo.
Many are kits,
but a lot are scratch built,
and there are several clones, too.

Gemini DC, Mongoose, CATO, Bandit, Flash,
Big Daddy, A.R.V. Condor, Fat Boy, Air America
Air America is a three 18mm cluster-
it deploys a flag suspended under 2 chutes.

The Turd, Purple Haze, Maxi Alpha, Big Bertha,
Alpha III, Super Flea, Mosquito, Alpha, Mini Alpha,
Scout, Xanadune, Fiddle Faddle, Javelin,
Mini-Patriot, Mini-Cobra, MK-109 Stingray, X-Ray
The Turd was destroyed by a D12 CATO recently.
Bertha is 2" shorter due to lawn dart.
Purple Haze is a HP 18mm sport.
The Maxi Alpha is a scratch upscale of the Alpha.
Super Flea, Javelin, and Scout are clones.
Mini Alpha is a scratch downscale.
Fiddle Faddle came from Model Rocketeer plans.
The mosquito has flown and come back twice.

Skywinder, Corkscrew, PVC Roc 1,
AIM-9 Sidewinder, Space Clipper,
Athena, Manta, AstoCam, Wannabe
PVC Roc 1 is scratch 18mm PVC and plastic.
Wannabe is a NASA styled part box special that
actually started life as a BailOut which suffered a
lawn dart and lost fin unit.

Land Viper, Comanche-3, Broadsword,
Gold-N-Blue II, The Shadow, Lightnin'
What do you do when your Commanche kicks the first stage
engine and torches the D booster, then the sustainer disappears
over the horizon on it's return to planet Earth?
Build a second Commanche, and take the recovered
second stage section and build another two stagger from
junk in your parts box... Gold-N-Blue II

Vector 1, Mosquito, Mini Black Brant II,
Micro Broadsword, Raw Fusion
The Micro Broadsword runs on 10.5mm Apogee power.
The mini Black Brant II has since been finished.

Helio*Copter, PVC Roc 2, PVC Roc 1,
Exo-Skell, Mini Fatboy, Flamin' Fuschia
PVC Roc 2 is a PVC pipe with Lexan fins.
Mini Fatboy is a downscale for 13mm power.
Flamin' Fuschia is a min dia 10.5mm with spin fins.


A few recent additions not pictured:
Bull Pup 12D, Python, Big Dawg,
Mean Machine, Long Shot, Quark(s),
an original Halloween rocket,
and another Black Brant II (replacement).

Two Estes Maxi-Force Kits for TV Commercial!
  Construction and launch reports

  Magnetic Apogee Detection Sensors!
Construction report- under construction

  schematics referenced from homepage

Stuff on the workbench now...
Estes Pro Impulse
Estes Pro Patriot
2x Black Brant II 29mm - Painted and waiting for motors!
3/4x Black Brant II 18mm - still a pile of parts waiting for glue
The Polaris Project - underwater launch - on drawing board

Setting up an Alpha III for flight

Prepping The Shadow with Flash and MK-109 Stingray ready to go

Fat Boy is next- I was referring to the rocket.

One of many reasons why rocketry is so rewarding!



  by Scott Aleckson
Last updated on June 30, 2000