Alaska World Wide Adventures, the premier worldwide adventure tour operator, offers small group adventures in Alaska, Australia, Africa, and the Russian Far East. We believe in providing our guests with a personal experience that reaches beyond our urban selves and touches first-hand the strong and fragile elements of pristine wilderness. Our philosophy is to travel lightly so that others who follow will experience the same sense
of discovery. Our goal is to guide you safely and comfortably through the world's remaining wild and scenic wilderness corridors. Our expert guides are well seasoned outdoor enthusiasts with a respect and appreciation for wild places. Our adventures are small and intimate. Our cooking delicious. Our service impeccable.

Join us as we hike, kayak, trek, raft, and sail from the Brooks Range of Alaska to the Slopes on Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti Plains. Raft the Franklin River and explore Freycinet National Park of the island state of Tasmania, Australia. Journey with us to Sakhalin Island and the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, where we travel through the last remaining habitat of the Siberian Tiger. We invite you to bring your spirit of adventure.

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