Alaska World Wide Adventures has been operating small group wilderness adventures since 1985. Steve Weller has over 20 years experience in guiding adventurous people into areas less travelled, specializing in trekking, rafting and kayaking. Steve graduated from the University of Montana and holds a Bachelor degree in Forestry/Wilderness Management. His love for natural habitats of the world is reflected by donating a portion of the proceeds to world organizations dedicated to preserving flora and fauna habitats. You simply need to bring your spirit of adventure and join us in exploring the world's last remaining wilderness corridors.

Barbara Schachenmann-Suter is our on site logistics coordinator in Tanzania. Barbara's love of the Tanzania wildlife and flora is reflected in her desire to make your trip to East Africa the adventure of a life time.

Our philosophy is to travel lightly so others who follow will experience the same sense of discovery. For your safety, our guides have EMT/ETT training. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and memorable journey of enlightenment.