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Occationally we get emails from folks who would like us to spread the news of one thing or another. This is the page that it will happen on. Check this page or bookmark this page to keep updated on what's happen'n!

Spring Fling Bash - Ivory Jack's - March 15th

STEAK NIGHT! January 21, 2003. VFW on 2nd Street. 6:30pm. $15 per person includes 1 pound of steak, baked potatoe and Salad! SEE YOU THERE!!!

Biker enthusiasts, fellow ABATE'ers, and Alaskan folks in general!

I am promoting a "Cabin Fever-Run to the Desert" getaway in support of
the "20th Annual Florence Run" billed as the "Biggest Biker Event in
Arizona" put on by the HAMC of AZ on Sunday, February 2, '03!! Run
Pins available to the 1st 500 guests! Runsite is "Yolanda's Chuckwagon
Bar" 5 miles south of Florence.

This is in support of over 800 Alaskan prisoners shipped out to this
semi-remote desert prison town by our local politicians lining their
pockets with State $$$ funds housing these men in a private
corporation run prison system through stock holdings in CXW on the

Although I am off to a late start promoting this event this year, I
have secured a deal thru Eagle Riders Motorcycle Rentals for a rate of
$99./day for the HD big twins strictly for the Alaskans wanting to
participate and if they run out of bikes, Fun Time Rentals has quoted
a rate of $119./day if a minimum of 5 bikes are rented. Eagle Riders
has faxed me a special form to insure this low rate quote for this
event so I will make it available to anyone wanting to participate.

I had previously browsed for airfare from ANC-PHX roundtrip and have
found it to be around $400./person but surely thru the many travel
".com" businesses better deals may be available for airfare and
hotels. I have calculated this trip at under $1000.00 per person for a
3 day trip (motorcycle, airfare, food, and hotel) but lower rates are
surely available with individuals doing their own bidding/searching on
the many traveler websites and some of you may want to make this an
extended trip enjoying the freedom of the road in the desert heat! (
No helmet state for BOTH rider and passenger!)

The Florence Flyer and a letter from me are also posted on the web and
further information will be available on the webpage "Message Board"
or contact me by email for any help with details!

Thanks for showing your support!

Debbie "Fritz" Dallas


Where? - RJ's Lounge
What time? - 7:00pm

An auction will be held and all proceeds are to stay within the community. There is a $10 donation with a can of food or a toy at the door.... ah heck! Bring both! There will be live Rock N Roll Music.

This event is sponsored by the Hells Angels of Fairbanks and Abate of Alaska-Tanana Valley Chapter.

11/21/2002 - The next scheduled General Membership Meeting is December 3rd. The Board of Directors will be meeting directly after the General Membership.



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