`Ell-ee-ot ... crank the generator ... faster ....'
Brr.  Hope we find 'em soon.  It's gettin' cold.
Some Alaskans will do anything to up their stats.
"We can't see the stars in the summer, but we can listen to 'em!"

Live in Alaska? Former Alaskan? Or just a midnight-sun-o-phile?
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'Classic' statistics:
setiatwork stats - our rank - SETI Alaska - groups Top 100 - group list - all stats - and project totals.

What the heck is this all about?
Check the SETI@home home page to get started!

The SETI@home home page and official tech news.
Yahoo's SETI Club Team.
Other AK teams: 40 Below in Fairbanks, Alaska - Alaska - GCI - Team Alaska.
The SETI Institute.
The SETI Web Ring.
Learn more about Alaska.

SETI@home BOINC - the new processing platform.
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Add-on Software for managing old-style SETI@home clients (deprecated):

JSetiTracker - X-SETI - SETI Driver - SETI Spy - setiview - Tk-SETI - setiherder - SETI LRPs - WU2WAV

Some additional links:
JRE 1.2.2 - Java for Linux
Perl for Win32 - Tcl/Tk for Win32

SETI Lists:
Send "subscribe seti-home" to majordomo@pop.psu.edu.
Also, alt.sci.seti is pretty active.

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INTERESTING FACT: Some people believe that the giant space pancakes will return. The steward of this page does not necessarily support this belief, but prefers to remain agnostic. However, he would be happy to accept mail from anyone who would like to try to convince him otherwise.

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