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St. Raphael Icon
I have painted the icon in the traditional Orthodox manner. In the center is St. Raphael in his guise as "Azariah" from the Book of Tobit. He is armed to protect Tobit's son, Tobias, on their journey. He holds a cheirographon, a torn document, the other half of which is held by Tobit's friend, Gabael. To his right is Tobit; the absence of eyes indicates his blindness. In the lower left is the great fish, with which he performed miracles, including the restoration of sight to Tobit. In the background is the River Tigris and desert mountains. -Byron Birdsall
Pastoral Team

Pastoral Administrators
Lisa Brose Work 457-6603
E-Mail home 451-4365
cell 952-239-4267
Gloria Slagle work 457-6603
E-Mail home 488-7088
cell 590-0476

Parish Priest & Hospital Chaplain
Fr. Kasparaj Mallavarapu 457-6603
E-Mail cell 799-1885

George Bowder home 488-9063
E-Mail work 374-9530

Bookkeeper & Girl Friday
Nancy Kelly work 457-6603
E-Mail home 457-3542

Parish Council
Lee Ann Myers 459-8099
Ernnie & Ramona Berry 456-1446
Todd Hill 388-7611
Jacoline Bergstrom 457-1077
Mike Rauenhorst 479-2325
Elaine Johnston 474-3966
Mike Kramer 457-4447
Peggy Sullivan 479-7850

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