The following testimonials were taken directly (without edit) from the House Guest Book:

3/25/10 "Could not have hoped for a better time here in Alaska. Everything went great (even the busted knee didn't bother me too much). I'll be back in two years to attack the ski slope once again. Pray for snow! Thanks for everything...Matt, NYC, USA

5/09/10 "Thanks for being so friendly and taking the time to talk to us. Thanks for having us...we had a great time!" ...Tracey & Kirk, AUSTRALIA

5/16/10 "Thanks for the wonderful place to stay! We loved the house and very impressed by its unique character. You really made us feel welcome"...Anna & Karen, Dubuque, Iowa, USA

5/23/10 "Thanks for a nice stay and the good tips re: hiking, restaurants, etc. This is a great place"...K Waliaven, BC, CANADA

5/29/10 "I enjoyed my stay here very much. This is a very homey environment. Clean place to stay as well. Thank you very much, see you soon"....Sunitha, Madras, INDIA

5/29/10 "Danke! Morgen werden wir zum Denali waiterziehen, moge das Wetter helten!"...Das Sherpa Team, Leipzig, GERMANY

6/10/10 "This was definitely better than our usual trip to Motel 6. You guys are awesome!"...Jen & Bruce Allen, Austin, Texas, USA

6/29/10 "Thank you for a quiet nice place. We felt our own home" ... Sarita & Verm, Toronto, CANADA

7/08/10 "Cleanest place I've seen in my life!"...Nat, ISREAL

7/20/10 "Excellent facility you have here, hopefully I'll be back."...Neil Ashby, Sheffield, ENGLAND

7/28/10 "Thanks, I've enjoyed the stay here very much!!"...Linda, SOUTH AFRICA

8/10/10 "2 nights staying was very interesting for me. Because this is 1st experience staying in the Guest House. Again, thank you for your hospitality & arrangements for me."...K. Sunaba, JAPAN

8/16/10 "From the Dutch people many thanks for the hospitality and the tips where we have to go. Lots of people in Holland and we can say to them that Alaska is a great land with very nice people."...Irene & William, NETHERLANDS

8/20/10 "Thanks for the enjoyable stay at your house. We loved the King Congo Room."...April & Mark from Bah-ston, USA

8/28/10 "Great place, warm people. Highly recommend Coastal Trail, bear, moose, lynx...thank you!"....Craig Hermes, San Francisco, USA

9/11/10 "Thanks for your hospitality and making us feel at home!"...Wil & Karine, BELGIUM

9/13/10 "Hi siaino sendidi come a casa nostra."...Stefan e Verena, Bolzano, ITALY

9/20/10 "I had a great time here at Hillcrest, and hope to return soon to see Chantal, Andy and Frosty."....Gary Monaghan, IRELAND

9/29/10 "It was very nice here. We had a good time. We made great hikes and saw a lot of mooses."...Myriam & Roman, SWITZERLAND