These pictures represent many generations of my family. I hope you enjoy them. Most are large in size and may take a few minutes to load.
... D. Sewell

My Family & Ancestors

Nanninga family - Christmas 1954 in Odell

Conrad Frederich Nanninga - My Father

My father & his identical twin Hank
Daughters of Albert and Detje (Schlueter) Manhusen
Fentje "Fannie", Grace, Janken "Jennie"
My mother, Henrietta "Etta", Margaret.
My Great Grandmother Albers.
(Janken Janssen Schlueter Albers).

Maria Heikes Hieronimus Nanninga & Henry Nanninga
(My Grandparents).

Manhusen family in Pekin, IL about 1916
(Left to Right) Fannie, Henrietta, John, Albert, Detje, Jennie, Margaret, Alvah

My Son

My Daughter
Gravestone of Ayelt Reemts. My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather. Born about 1669. Died December 25, 1715. Location: Pilsum, Germany.
Windmill which is now a museum in Pewsum. The gravestone of Ayelt Reemts is on the far left side of the building on the wall.

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