'm glad you took the time to visit our Web site. I'd like to tell you more about us and this beautiful place.

My husband Dave and I lived in Anchorage before moving to Fairbanks where we met and married. We were kept busy with children, work and a home, but every vacation and many weekends were spent at Dave's remote cabin. When homestead land became available in the area near the cabin, we didn't hesitate to file on it.

We spent three more years hauling lumber, insulation, trusses, metal roofing, and siding over the frozen rivers in winter and by boat in the summer. Dave built a temporary shelter on the land, and we moved all of our belongings to our wilderness home.

Dave was immediately at home, but it took me awhile to feel comfortable with no electricity or running water, and bears and moose as my neighbors. Sometimes Dave would go to town to work for weeks at a time. Alone, I was afraid to leave the house; imagining a bear behind every tree, just waiting to make a meal out of me.
he first few years we did have a lot of bears around. They hauled off 50 pound bags of dog food, dug up the garden and tried getting into buildings. I got used to their being around and realized they weren't after me; I began spending more time outdoors getting to know my new environment.

Over the years, Dave and I have studied the area's plants and use many of them for their nourishment and medicinal value. We also grow a big garden, we fish and about every three years Dave hunts for moose.

Gradually we've added conveniences. We now have a power plant which provides electricity a few hours each day, a radio telephone, refrigerator, freezer and just recently added a computer to make communication easier. We also have a hot tub and are building a bathhouse and sauna.

n spite of the changes, many things remain the same. Each winter the river freezes and a blanket of snow covers the land; in spring, new moose calves and fuzzy bear cubs scamper through the woods; every summer beautiful wildflowers cover the hillsides and forests; and above it all majestic mountain ranges stand guard over our valley as if to protect it from the rest of the world. Every morning of our lives we still wake up thankful that we can live in this wonderful place.

I do hope that you have the opportunity to come to Alaska, leave the beaten path and visit with us.

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