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We at War Bonnet Construction are combining the exciting, time proven qualities of our domes with the emerging fuel cells. Our goal is to provide a fuel cell to power your portable or stationary dome home. In fact, we are at the present time, manufacturing several portable domes ranging from 12' diameter to 24' diameter, right in our plant located in Soldotna, Alaska. These domes are to be placed onto a barge and shipped 1,000 miles to a remote site in Southeast Alaska. This entire dome resort will be powered by a fuel cell. We envision, in the next few months, having a fuel cell powered dome as another one of our available options

What Is A Fuel Cell?

Fuel cells are similar to batteries in that both produce a direct current by using an electrochemical process. Two electrodes, an anode and a cathode, are separated by an electrolyte. Like batteries, fuel cells are combined into groups, called stacks, to obtain a usable voltage and power output.
Unlike batteries, however, fuel cells do not release energy stored in the cell or run down when the energy is gone. Instead, they convert the energy in a hydrogen-rich fuel directly into electricity and operate as long as they are supplied with fuel. Fuel cells emit almost none of the sulfur and nitrogen compounds released by conventional generating methods, and can utilize a wide variety of fuels: natural gas, coal-derived gas, landfill gas, biogas, or alcohols.

Fuel cells have emerged in the last decade as one of the most promising new technologies for meeting the Nation's energy needs well into the 21st century. Unlike power plants that use conventional technologies, fuel cell plants that generate electricity and usable heat can be built in a wide range of sizes - from 200-kilowatt units suitable for powering commercial buildings, to 100-megawatt plants that can add baseload capacity to utility power plants.

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