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Books and Gifts

Museum Sampler Gift Bag

Bursting with charm, tradition, community spirit and history, this gift bag contains:

  • Copy of The Historic Valdez Cookbook
  • Fellow Membership to the Museum for the receiver 
  • Classic Museum lapel pin
  • Copy of Historic Homes of Valdez booklet
  • Two guest passes to the Museum or Museum Annex
  • Pinzon Bar Etiquette
  • and your choice of either Ice Bound Empire by Elizabeth Tower or Valdez Gold Rush Trails by Jim & Nancy lethcoe.  All in a gift bag. 
Price:  $49.95

Historic Valdez Cookbook

This reprint of the 1916 Ladies Aid Society and 1950's Valdez Women's cookbooks is filled with traditional recipes for sweet treats, rich main dishes, and luscious breads.  The Historic Valdez Cookbook will bring back warm memories of holidays, Grandma's house, and potluck suppers.  A special collection of rare Old Town Valdez photographs separates the sections.  160 pages.

Price:  14.95

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Historic Homes of Old Valdez

This booklet depicts and describes some of the 50+ homes and buildings which were relocated from the original Valdez town site into the new town following the 1964 earthquake. Black and white photographs of each show the structures in their 1964 location as well as where they were located in 1987 when this booklet was published.

AUTHOR: Thomas Van Brocklin
Publisher: Prince William Sound Books, Valdez, Alaska 1987 
ISBN: 0-9618447-0-1

Price: $2.50 



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Valdez Gold Rush Trails of 1898-99

A detailed perspective of the "All-American Route" to the gold fields during the 1898 Klondike gold rush.   More than 4,000 argonauts crossed
the Valdez Glacier during this time period: a few found gold; more significantly to the industrial development of south-central Alaska, some
found copper.  The authors include a "Roll Call" listing of names of persons known to have traveled this route.

AUTHORS: Jim and Nancy Lethcoe
Publisher: Prince William Sound Books, Valdez, Alaska 1996 
ISBN: 1-877900-05-2

Price: $14.95


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Experiences of Gold Hunters in Alaska


Charles Margeson's work is a rare book on two accounts.  First, most of the original copies were destroyed in a warehouse fire soon after publication.  Secondly, it is a first-rate narrative of a real-life Alaskan adventure and the definitive account of the Valdez and Copper River phase of the great Klondike Gold Rush of 1898.  In these pages, Margeson vividly describes the events that led to the development and exploration of much of central Alaska.

AUTHOR: Charles Margeson (1899) ; Introduction by Jim and Nancy Lethcoe 
Reprinted by Prince William Sound Books, Valdez, Alaska 1997 
ISBN: 1-877900-09-5

Price: $19.95



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Trailing and Camping in Alaska (1908)

Entertaining tales of the Valdez and Copper River gold rush by one of its most literate participants. In this work, Powell proves himself to be the perfect campfire companion. His stories and storytelling remind one of Mark Twain while his wit and sense of humor sometimes exceed the
master's.  Powell's humor captures life on the Alaskan frontier better than some of the more serious histories.

AUTHOR: Addison M. Powell (1899); Edited with an introduction by Jim and Nancy Lethcoe.
Reprinted (abridged) by Prince William Sound Books, Valdez, Alaska 1997 
ISBN: 1-977800-060

Price: $19.95



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Ice Bound Empire:: Industry and Politics on the Last Frontier
1898 - 1938

Documents the roles of George C. Hazelet, Steven Birch and David Jarvis representing the Morgan / Guggenheim Alaska Syndicate in developing
the Kennecott Copper Mine and the Copper River & Northwest Railroad.  Primary focus is on the long-term role of Hazelet's involvement in gold mining, oil exploration and development of Alaska townsites at Valdez and Cordova.

AUTHOR: Elizabeth A. Tower 
Publisher: Elizabeth A. Tower, Anchorage, Alaska 1996 
ISBN: 1-888125-05-5 

Price: $22.00



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The Native People of Alaska

A comprehensive easy to read, introductory guide to the Eskimos, Indians, and Aleuts of Alaska.  This volume focuses on their life styles, traditions, and culture at the time of European contact.  More than 40 historic and contemporary photos and 5 maps help explain the Native stories and the rapid changes and challenges Native Alaskans are dealing with today.

AUTHOR: Steve J. Langdon 
Publisher: Greatland Graphics, Anchorage, Alaska
ISBN: 0-936425-17-2

Price: $7.95



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A History of Prince William Sound Alaska

An historical overview of the Chesapeake Bay-sized body of water at Alaska's southern coast.  The authors document the lives and lifestyles of ancient and contemporary Natives, European and American exploration, as well as the effects of major activities such as the 1898 gold rush, the 1964 earthquake and the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.  An excellent introduction to the region.

AUTHORS: Jim and Nancy Lethcoe
Publisher: Prince William Sound Books, Valdez, Alaska 1994 
ISBN: 1-877900-04-4

Price: $14.95



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