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"Double Murder and A Lynching. Port Valdez, Alaska. Christened in Crime." 
"I'm going on a gold rush and among my provisions I'm taking . . ." 
A chance to help your country and make a fortune too. 
Anna Barrett, Prospector & Businesswoman 
Are you sure there's gold in the Copper River area? 
Climate & the Gold Rush 
Corporal Heiden Wins the Day 
Corporate America joins the gold rush 
December 1897: The Witch City Mining Company's Secret. 
Deception, and Decisions: The founding of Swanport 
Descending into the Promised Land 
Doc Tanner: Victim or Murderer? 
Entrepreneurship on the Valdez Glacier Trail 
Founding of Copper Center 
Founding of Valdez: April 23, 1898 
From Seattle to Valdez by Sail 
Gold Rush Entrepreneurs and Townsite Boomers 
Gold Rush or Dangerous Quest 
How does one get to the Klondike? 
Klutina Lake 
Landing at Port Valdez: When is a wharf a wharf? 
Lt. Brookfield's Ordeal 
Lt. Lowe's search 
Men must Work and Women must Weep 
Orca Residents Nix the Copper River Route 
Pete Jackson, Alaskan entrepreneur and explorer 
Promoting the Copper River route to the Gold Fields 
Spring Snowstorm 
The First Americans through Keystone Canyon 
The First Thanksgiving in Valdez: 1897 
The First Trip from Valdez to Copper Center 
The Law and Order Trail 
The Prospectors 
The Summit 
The Witch City Mining Company -- death by hanging 
Twelve-mile Camp: Boat building 
Valdez Glacier Tent Towns 
Valdez: Citizen rule 
What about the Copper River Indians? 
Where is the Klondike? 
Where is the Valdez Glacier route? 
Will they float? 

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