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Talon Air Service is located in the Heart of the Kenai Peninsula. We specialize in affordable Alaska Wilderness Fun!! Whether you're an avid fisherman, hunter or just want to see the vast Alaska Wilderness from a birds-eye view, we can customize a trip to meet your outdoor desires. With over 30 years of Alaska wilderness experience, our pilot and guides have the know-how to make it happen.

Float planes are an essential piece of equipment for enjoying the wilderness in Alaska and are often the only way to escape the throngs of tourists found in the more accessible areas. Utilizing the float plane lets us offer the thrill of a lifetime in a single day trip and have you back at your chosen lodging that same evening.

FLY-IN Fishing Packages

All of our fishing trips start with a "bush plane" flight from our float plane base in Soldotna. See the MAP for our location. Our trips are considered "all day" trips which last about 6 hours (depending on the fishing package). We offer both guided and unguided trips. Guided trips include a fishing guide, hip boots, spinning tackle and instruction on how to fish for that species. Unguided is a do-it-yourself and bring-your-own gear.

Fly-in fishing is not only about fishing, but the chance to see a lot more of Alaska in a single outing. Flight times for these trips range from as short as 1/2 hour to 2 1/2 hours to reach your fishing destination. Imagine the country you can see......thousands of square miles of magnificent splendor just the way it has been since the Ice Age ended.

Be sure to check out our FLY-IN BEAR VIEWING & SALMON FISHING Combo Trip! Here are a few short video clips from recent trips.

Mom & Cubs with Anglers (2.8 mb)
Junior Giving It A Grand Try! (995kb)
Mom Shows "kids" How Its Done! (2.76mb)


Bear Viewing & Sightseeing Packages

See the REAL ALASKA. We would like to share the beauty of the Great Land with you. There is nothing more awe-inspiring than seeing a vast glacial crevasse right outside your window or watching a great Alaskan brown bear as it lumbers across a meadow. Alaska's reputation is reknown for its spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife in unspoiled wilderness. Our pilot is dedicated to showing you all of it! We have two types of packages to offer you; a fly-in bear viewing experience and the other, viewing wildlife and sightseeing from the air.

Big Game Hunting Packages

We want every Alaskan Big Game Hunt to be the TRIP OF A LIFETIME. When hunting the magnificent Mulchatna Caribou we want you to experience the rugged Alaskan wilderness and give you the best chance of bringing home a great trophy.

Talon Air Service is a full service air charter. We can provide you with transportation into remote regions anywhere in the state. Whether you want to do some fly-in prospecting, geological or environmental surveys, haul supplies to remote camps or try some drop-off fishing & camping, we can make all the arrangements. Contact us for further details.
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