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Talon Air Service prides itself in providing the most enjoyable adventures possible into Alaska's remote country. And the only way to experience the best Alaska has to offer is to travel by float plane into the wilderness regions seldom seen by visitors. Here you will find untouched, pristene wilderness with fishing, sightseeing and wildlife viewing opportunities that even most Alaskans haven't experienced.

With the range of today's modern bush planes, one can spend the day hundreds of miles from civilization and be back at your motel, lodge, or bed-n-breakfast before the sun goes down. And the adventure will provide memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

Most of our fishing trips will transport you from our float plane base in Soldotna (see Location Map) to your fishing destination and back to Soldotna all in one day. There is no need to fly into exotic wilderness lodges far from civilization and spend a week in isolation. For some this may be exactly what they desire. But for the majority of visitors, planning as many different experiences as possible is the most popular game plan.

Pricing for all our fishing packages described below can be found in the table at the bottom of this page.

Guided Bear Viewing AND Salmon Fishing Combo

Undoubtedly one of our most enjoyable packages. You'll experience the thrill of flying to the west side of Cook Inlet to Redoubt Bay from our floatplane base in Soldotna. 10,000 foot volcanoes can be seen on either side of the plane as you descend to the lake where our guide will load you into one of our 18 foot boats to begin your salmon fishing and bear viewing day in Alaska. The guide provides spinning rods & reels, the fishing tackle for Sockeye or Coho salmon, rain gear, hip boots and bug repellant if needed. If everyone in the boat agrees (about 4 people), we'll take a mid-day break to view a beautiful waterfall while grilling up a salmon on the Hibachi in the boat, then return for more fishing and bear viewing. Beavers, otters, ducks, loons, swans and Bald eagles also inhabit the area and both black bears and Brown bears will fish for salmon although not at the same time. JUNE 10th through JULY 31st for SOCKEYE & JULY 15th through September 1st for SILVERS.

CLICK the Photos below for a larger view with captions!


Guided Silver Salmon Stream or Lake Fishing

Many of our returning anglers have previously enjoyed our Bears & Salmon Fishing trip and would like a change of pace. We offer just the ticket with our late summer expeditions to the west side of Cook Inlet when the silver salmon (coho) begin running up one of our favorite streams. We begin from our floatplane base in Soldotna and 30 minutes later we are setting down and transfering you to one of our guide boats for a trip downriver to the fishing holes. Our guides provide all the fishing gear, bait, tackle, hip boots and bug dope (if needed).

Once at our destination anglers will quickly learn the best techniques for hooking up with one of Alaska's mightiest fighting salmon. Drag burning runs will get your adrenalin pumping. The setting is quiet and peaceful and just what you'd expect in remote Alaska....until someone yells "Fish On!" to break the silence. You'll find that seems to happen alot. JULY 15th through SEPTEMBER 30th.

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Remote Lakes Fly-In Guided Fishing Trips

Our remote lakes fly-in fishing trips will put you in pristene alpine or island settings few anglers have experienced. With the diversity Alaska has to offer we can provide a variety of trips: float tube fishing for rainbow trout or grayling, zodiac raft fishing for grayling, or shoreline fishing for grayling or rainbows depending on the location. Each of those trips require a minimum of four persons and range in price from $320 to $375 per person with the guide fees included. They are full day guided excursions and we provide spinning gear and tackle. Anglers preferring to fly fish should bring their own fly rods and flies. (Contact us for appropriate flies, streamers and leeches to bring.) For the float tubing we provide the tubes and flippers and the clients must provide their own full length chest waders and floatation vests. For raft fishing for grayling we provide the Zodiac inflatable. We provide hip boots for shoreline fishing for the rainbows and grayling but anglers may bring their own waders if desired.

Remote Fly-In Special Package Guided Fishing Charters

Our Remote Fly-In SPECIALTY Trips provide our clients with some very unique fishing experiences. Our destinations vary depending on the target species and the time of the season. These are areas that few anglers have an opportunity visit except by special charter. Alexander Lake is the only lake in Southcentral Alaska managed by the Department of Fish & Game as a trophy Northern Pike lake. The Nushagak River in the Bristol Bay drainage is managed for a return of 75,000 King Salmon each year and provides anglers ample opportunity to experience an exceptional fishery. Our Prince William Sound adventures will take you to remote locations for sockeye or silver fishing that will be sure to leave you with lifelong memories. Pricing for these packages can be found in the lower portion of the table below. Please add $70 per person for guide fee.

Full Day Multi-Species Guided Group Fly-In Fishing - This is probably the Premier fishing trip one can experience. The plane and pilot are at your disposal for a full day of fishing...and Alaska days are very long. You will leave in the morning and fly into remote areas. Glaciers, volcanoes, bears, Dall sheep, caribou, moose, swans and beaver are just a sampling of the wildlife you will view right outside your window on the way in. You'll want to take several rolls of film and plenty of video tape and batteries on this trip. Arctic char, northern pike, lake trout, grayling, rainbow trout and salmon inhabit these pristene areas and will provide the angler with truly a Trip of a Lifetime....all in a single day.

Hip boots, spinning tackle and rain gear are provided by your guide. If you are a fly-fishing enthusiast you can bring along your own rod and tackle. You may have up to EIGHT anglers in your group for this trip. This package is popular with businesses who enjoy providing incentive awards for their employees. Its also great for that special family reunion. Please add $70 per person for guide fee.

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Wolverine Creek REDS + BEARS
$320 per person June 10th - July 31st
Wolverine Creek BEARVIEWING $320 per person June 10th - August 31st
Wolverine Creek SILVERS + BEARS
$320 per person July 15th - September 1st
Kustatan River SILVERS
$320 per person July 15th - September 1st
Packers Lake SILVERS
$320 per person August 20th - September 30th
Packers Lake RAINBOWS $320 per person June 10th - September 30th
Upper Russian Lake RAINBOWS $320 per person
(4 person minimum)
July 1st - July 14th
August 1st - September 30th
Carter Lake
Float Tube Fishing
RAINBOWS $375 per person
(4 person minimum)
July 1st - July 14th
August 1st - September 30th
We will provide tubes and flippers; clients must have chest waders and floatation vests.
Crescent Lake
Float Tube or Zodiac Raft Fishing
GRAYLING $375 per person
(4 person minimum)
July 1st - July 14th
August 1st - September 30th
We will provide tubes and flippers; clients must have chest waders and floatation vests. We supply the zodiac.
Crescent Lake
Shoreline Fishing
GRAYLING $320 per person
(4 person minimum)
July 1st - July 14th
August 1st - September 30th
Chuit River KINGS
$450 per person
(4 person minimum)
June 10th - June 30th
All trips listed above are guided. The guide fee is included in the listed price.

The pricing on the five Special Package trips listed below does not include the guide fees. Please add $70 per person for the Guide fees.
Prince William Sound REDS (sockeye) $3000 approx. 6 hrs. July 1st - July 14th
Prince William Sound SILVERS (coho) $3000 approx. 6 hrs. August 15th - September 30th
Alexander Lake NORTHERN PIKE $3000 approx. 6 hrs. JUNE 1st - July 14th
August 1st - September 30th
Nushagak River KINGS (chinook) $5000 all day
June 20th - July 14th
All Day Fly-Out Multiple Species $5000 all day
May 25th - July 14th
August 1st - September 30th
The all day fly-out can be tailored to fit your fishing needs. Please contact us to set up specific species and places.

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