Central Lutheran Church

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The organ at Central Lutheran Church was originally an experimental organ in a private home.  It has a total of 9 ranks with 340 pipes and through the use of relay and electronic coupling, it is possible to draw 23 stops from the 5 sets of pipes, creating the equivalent of 1296 pipes.  Its console is separated from its pipe chambers.  Polly Norman and Roy Helms worked out the building of this organ with consultations given by Dr. Fritts.


Great Organ

16' Untersatz

8' Prestant

8' Rohr Floete

4' Octave

4' Rogh Floete

2 2/3' Nazard

2' Rohr Floete

Mixture IV

8' Trumpet

II to I

Swell Organ

8' Rohr Floete

4' Prestant

4' Rogh Floete

2' Principal

1 1/3' Larigot

8' Erzahler

8' Celeste

4' Erzahler

8' Krummhorn


Pedal Organ

16' Bourdon

8' Principal

8' Rohr Bourdon

4' Octave

Rausch Pfeife II

16' Dulzian

8' Trumpet

4' Krummhorn

I to Pedal

II to Pedal

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