The American Race Truck

The American Race Truck is a full-sized, turn-key race vehicle designed and built to compete on dirt and paved racetracks up to 5/8 mile long.  Based on an intermediate metric chassis, the american Race Truck is a high-quality, professionally-built race vehicle designed for maximum performance at an affordable price.  Every part used in the manufacture of the American Race Truck is available from either American Race Trucks, or a local auto parts retailer.

American Race Trucks compete in sanctioned events throughout the country, on both dirt and asphalt tracks.  The series is based on the belief that driver ability, and not the ability to spend cash, should determine the winner.  So American Race Truck rules were written to disallow a majority of non-factory performance parts and accessories.  Stringent tech inspections and a claiming rule help to prevent those "unfair advantages" which have ruined so many other race series.  American Race Trucks also offers a complete Driver's School program to its customers.

For more information and specifications on The American Race Truck,
contact Valley Motors at
1201 Hay Street, Mile 38 Parks Highway,
Wasilla , Alaska 99654
phone (907) 376-6111 or (907) 279-4462


outside of Alaska only:
American Race Trucks
1530 West 10th Place
Tempe, Arizona 85281
(602) 929-0600

American Race Trucks are manufactured by CRC Manufacturing, Inc. under license by American Motorsports, Inc.

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