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FishTrek: Fisheries Mapping and Planning Software

SciFish 2000:  Broadband Sonar Fish Identification System
Unlike current sonar systems that utilize only one or two frequencies for detecting fish (narrowband), the SciFish 2000 uses a broad range of frequencies (broadband). By expanding to broadband, SciFish 2000 can incorporate all of the functions of a narrowband system and it adds important new capabilities, including: Bottom Fish Detection, Fish Species Identification, and Fish Length Estimation.
Satellite Data (SST/SSH):  Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Surface Height of North Pacfic Ocean
Fish aggregate along strong gradients in temperature and current.  Using data provided by the National Weather Surface and NASA, SciFish has produced a composite map showing the sea surface temperatures and heights of the North Pacific.  Fishers can locate those areas that are most likely to contain fish by looking for the eddies and currents located near strong sea surface highs and lows.  These GIF images can be attained FREE during the trial evaluation of this data product.