SciFish 2000

Broadband  Sonar Fish Identification System

Product Description

Unlike current sonar systems that utilize only one or two frequencies for detecting fish (narrowband), the SciFish 2000 uses a broad range of frequencies (broadband). By expanding to broadband, SciFish 2000 can incorporate all of the functions of a narrowband system and it adds important new capabilities, including:

SciFish received its first funding for the development of this product in 1994. From the start, SciFish 2000 has yielded outstanding results in all of our experiments. SciFish 2000 has been tested in the Great Lakes five times with the USGS/BRD, in the Bering Sea with NMFS/AFSC, and it has been in the Prince William Sound on five occasions with a commercial fisherman. In all instances, SciFish 2000 has demonstrated better than 75% correct species identification with the system on over 20 species of fish. In some instances the identification performance exceeds 95% correct.

Further experiments have shown that SciFish 2000 can also discriminate size with better than 80% accuracy and it provides superior discrimination of targets at or near the bottom. SciFish holds the patent for the identification of aquatic life using broadband sonar (Patent No. 5,377,163).

Product Configuration

The product is designed in three pieces: software for the host PC, sonar control and echo processor, and the transceiver. The data can also be stored and displayed within SciFIsh's FishTrek Pro fisheries mapping and planning software.

Target Applications

SciFish 2000 can be applied in three sectors of the fishing industry: