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My collection of Hormel SPAM cans began as a joke.

I was working on an anti-spam project at work, and some friends bought me a regular can of SPAM for my cube.

Then someone else brough me a second can, but it was ... different from the first one.

And I thought to myself ... "Well, just how many different kinds of SPAM are there?"

Things sorta snowballed from there.

The Collection

Here is my collection as of September 2015 - 101 unique cans and packages (food only)):

Royce's SPAM collection
Royce's SPAM collection, 2015 by Royce D. Williams (CC License).

Feel free to use this photo of my collection of Hormel SPAM cans - the more, the merrier!
Please attribute it to me, with a link to this page. Here is the license:

Creative Commons License
This image of Royce's SPAM Collection by Royce Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 US License.

I've seen the photos of my SPAM collection around the web - in PowerPoint presentations about email spam, on blogs and forums, on Photobucket, and in other places. Here are some older pictures of my collection, under the same license, with links to other people using the photos:

The Usual Suspects

Here is the lineup of what is in my collection as of December 2013, with credit given (where I can remember):

SPAM "Classic" (regular flavor) 12oz sizes, in a variety of packaging:

Domestic standard 12oz size, different flavors:

International 12oz size:

Empty cans and banks:

Different sizes and SPAM-based products

Spamalot variations

I actually have three variations of the Golden Honey Grail, but only one is pictured. They are:

Non-edible SPAM-related items:

A photo of some SPAM collection extras.

SPAM on the Lam

There are a number of variations I'd still like to have in the collection. If you are aware of any other variations not listed here, please let me know!

Standard United States modern cans

International versions

Retired US forms

Non-standard formats

Non-food items I'm interested in

But of course, I'll never get them all.

Suicide Pill

No, I don't actually eat them! But since I'm allergic to eating birds, the office joke for a while was that I could take one for the team by popping the top off of a can of Turkey and wolfing it down before being interrogated by the competition (if they broke into our building in some act of physical corporate espionage).

Other collectors


Fellow sufferer Gerry Freed assembled this list of official Hormel SPAM sites and Facebook pages.

Thanks to all enablers friends who have donated!


Per a Hormel query from a fellow collector:

When did Hormel stop using the KEY on a SPAM can?
Probably in 1989, when the pull tab was added.
When did Hormel start using the side pull tab on a SPAM can?
Originally started in 1967 for a few years, then tried again later, only to eventually be fully discontinued.
When did Hormel start using the Top Pull Tab on a SPAM can?
Started in 1989.

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INTERESTING FACT: spam.budwin.net has reviews of how most of these different SPAM® types taste!

Royce D. Williams (royce@tycho.org)
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