Some pictures of me (before the FBI Witness Relocation Program.)

[Royce again]
1990: This is another picture of me, circa high school.
[even more Royce]
1990: This is me looking ... well, pretty darn serious at my high school prom. I'm not exactly sure why, though I seem to recall having a good time. Of course, that could have been the droud ...
1993: Never drive from Portland to Anchorage in 2 1/2 days with no sleep, or this could conceivably happen to you.
[grinning Royce]
1999: What has it got in its pocketses?
[Quickcam Royce]
2003: Mustn't ... blink ...
[Quickcam Royce]
2006: Josh helps me justify my obsessions in a framework of service to humanity.

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INTERESTING FACT: Ernest Borgnine and Miss Russian February have never been seen in public together!

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