acific Rim Network Systems is an Alaska based systems integrator and multimedia development company. Our focus is networked multimedia kiosk applications, multimedia interfaces, and other client/server database applications. Corporate headquarters are located in Anchorage, Alaska. We also have a sales office in Seattle, Washington.

From Development..... thru Deployment.

We take your idea from the drawing board all the way to the field. Pacific Rim Network Systems has assembled a team of specialists that create turn-key multimedia kiosk systems. Pacific Rim's multimedia specialists and graphic artists work together with our programming and database experts to deliver a quality product.

Do you have a kiosk application in mind, but can't quite get your arms around what the final per unit cost will be? This is what we do best. We bundle together all aspects of the project and give you ONE per unit price. This package includes:

Software Development
Hardware Integration and Procurement
Networking Design and Integration
Shipping and Installation
Ongoing Maintenance and Network Management
Financing and Leasing Packages

Our Teaming Partners...

Strategic partnerships with other companies enable Pacific Rim Network Systems to offer turn-key custom kiosks.

Take a look at a few of our teaming partners:

GainMomentum, the multimedia development tool, formerly by Sybase, now from Triton Services, Inc., our tool of choice to develop kiosk and other multimedia applications. Because of the need for the latest in multimedia technology, Pacific Rim is the leading beta test site for GainMomentum.
Sybase, Inc. provides the database engine for our applications.GainMomentum, the multimedia development tool, is what we use to develop kiosk and other multimedia applications. A list of Sybase information links and resources are here. Pacific Rim is a Sybase Systems Integrator.
Brown Innovation Inc. The Virtual Audio Imager (VAI) created by Brown Innovation is a more than just a new product, VAI is a new revolution in audio technology. VAI is helping solve many problems associated with audio presentations in public areas.Stand or Sit under VAI to hear music, voices or sound effects in pure stereo perfectly in any ambient environment.VAI creates the solution. Here is a link to their corporate WWW site. Pacific Rim is a Brown Innovation Teaming Partner.

Project Inquiries?

Do you have a multimedia project or idea in mind? Please contact us at:

Our Corporate Headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska:

President and CEO Alexandra Walters may be reached via email at, telephone at (907) 562-8290 or FAX at (907)562-8332.

Our Sales Office in Seattle, Washington:

Regional Sales Manager Elizabeth Harvey may be reached via email at


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Last updated: September 5, 1997