What are some typical applications for multimedia kiosks?

Supermarkets: Where are those yams anyway? A graphic map of the store showing where they are is a big help. By the way, what is on sale? Can I get a coupon? Customers may identify themselves with a membership card to be elibigle for prizes or additional discounts. Demographics and buying habits are some of the valuable data they may leave behind.
Here is a sample screen for a typical supermarket application.

Event Ticketing: Are there any seats left? Which ones? What is the view from that section? Pay with a credit card, get your ticket on the spot. A great way to avoid those long lines.
A ticketing kiosk screen could look like this.

Music and Video Stores: What was the name of that song? Find out using the kiosk. Find out what album it's on, listen to the track. Preview clips from the video you are thinking about buying. A great opportunity to cross-reference other items for add-on sales.
Here is a sample screen for a typical music and video store application.

Tourism: Great for travel agencies, malls, or the hotel lobby. Video clips of cruises, fishing charters, and night-life. What is there to do in this town? Local events, segway into ticketing? Restaraunts? Chinese, Japanese, Italian, choose by the type of food, price, or atmosphere. All of these industries benefit from being on a common kiosk system.
A tourism kiosk screen may look like this.

Auto Parts Stores: Are you tired of waiting in line while the parts guy is running around in the back room? Tired of flipping pages in the wrong manual? Find the part you need by using the exploded diagrams on the kiosk. The kiosk can tie directly into the inventory system so the customer knows if the part is in stock, the cost, or if it is available at another store (in your chain of course).
An example of an auto parts store kiosk screen may appear like this.

Catalog Sales: Retailers can reduce their on-hand inventory by using an electronic catalog! Customers use a credit card; it is ordered immediately. No phone calls, no busy signals or listening to music while you're on hold.


What makes our kiosk systems different?

Full Motion Video and Still Photos - Our kiosk systems use state of the art video compression techniques to show video clips or commercials of any length. Leverage your marketing dollars by digitizing marketing materials you have already paid for. Brochures, commercials, slicks, publicity photos all can be used in your kiosk application. Why pay for the same thing twice?

Digital Sound - Some of our competitor's kiosks sound like a fast food drive-thru speaker. On our kiosks, music, sound tracks to commercials, verbal instructions in any language are played with CD quality audio equipment like the Virtual Audio Imager (VAI) by Brown Innovations. VAI solves many problems associated with audio presentations in public areas. The kiosk we created for American Isuzu Motors (pictured right),.proved its effectiveness at the California International Auto Show in Anaheim. From under the VAI, you hear music, voices or sound effects in pure stereo in any environment with ambient sound without disturbing the people around you..

Custom Cabinetry - Our fixture design experts work closely with our clients to come up with designs that fit the application. From sketches and full color renderings, prototype units are fabricated using laminates chosen by the client.

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