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- Recumbent trikes - look at the:  Int'l. Human Powered Vehicle Association for info on recumbents. To get more information on Recumbent trikes go to my: Trikes Mailing List & Info page. I am the Webmaster for IHPVA, and the Vice President - Communications for the Human Powered Vehicles Assn.(HPVA). I am also the owner of the trikes email list and an avid trike rider.

- Hereditary Ataxia - OPCA: for Information I've compiled go to my: ATAXIA page. Or go to the National Ataxia Foundation's page.

- Go to my wife's page "Advice from the Snow Queen" -tips for the nordic skier (she teaches skiing and these are her notes). Check out her older animations of ski techniques on this page and here. You'll have to hunt for the newer ones.

- I am on the Mayor's Advisory Board for the AWWU - Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility finally using my Stanford Masters Degree.

- The local Council of the Knights of Columbus, St. Paul Miki Council 10798, and 18 of the Councils and Assemblies Statewide have me as their Webmaster, I am also my local councils worthy Councelor.

- Our parish St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church have me as their webmaster

- The Anchorage Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity brought me on as their webmaster.

- The Fedration of Community Councils has me as the Webmaster for Abbott Loop CC.

- NetDay Alaska was a passion of mine with all the schools in the State wired now I can retire my "Statewide Coordinator" hat.

- Home brewing beer: American Homebrewers Association.

- Here's a recent picture of my son Steven, he is 14.

- My daughter's Web page, Christina, she is 23.

You can reach me by e-mail

or by fax at (360)323-1384

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